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hi I know i havent posted for a while but what kind of Hydrotherapy? for what kind of medical condition ? We are waiting for the weather to warm up a bit here to start 'DD1' to assist with her mussle tone and holding her head up apartly it works wonders with kids with CP espically ones with issuses holding their heads up as it forces them too

l'm qualified to take hydrotherapy (for rehab purposes that is)! Do you have any questions l could help out with?

DS1 did aquatic OT. He went in the water with the therapist.

Prior to beginning, his core muscle tone was really low. By the time we finished (he did a bit over 6 months of weekly sessions), his core tone was much better. His coordination and motor planning had improved. His proprioception was better. He could sit on the floor without needing to 'W' sit, could sit at a table and use his hands (although he still has fine motor deficits), could climb. It also fed his sensory need for deep pressure, so he loved it smile

For us it was well worth the time and money. Good luck with your Froggy.
Hydro at that age would be held with the instructor in the pool. Depends on if it was a group session or one on one if you'd be needed in the water as well. But definitely a worthwhile question to ask. Depending on Froggy's needs, the therapist may also give you some hydro exercises to do between sessions, so you may only need to pay for one therapy session a week, but then you could take her for another 1-2 sessions if required. This would mean hoping in the pool during the initial sessions so you can get a feel for what is required.

Hydro is normally run by a physio or exercise physiologist and sessions are generally 30-40 minutes. Kids can't cope for much longer in the pool, due to limited concentration but also regulation of body temp.

Also, therapists should make the session heaps of fun so the child doesn't really see themselves as working hard. Playing heaps of games etc.

If she water confident already, this would make a major difference to what exercises can be done in the water. Hope this helps smile

tickled*pink wrote:

That sounds amazing! Although her core muscle strength has improved in the last 6 months, it's still quite poor. Her coordination is just awful laugh and her gross and fine motor skills are extremely delayed for her age.

Looks like ill be calling a few places tomorrow. Thanks for that smile

You're welcome smile I hope you and Froggy find it as helpful as we did. Just to add, DS did his AOT 3 years ago, and I still see the benefits today. He gained so, so much smile
No probs. And no probs about not being able to swim. Completely different set of exercises to focus on. When the children are water confident already, it means that exercises lying on their backs or where they might have to get hair wet etc make it really easy to incorporate smile

l'm actually teaching aquatic exercise at uni this semester! l love teaching this stuff because you have to think so much more about it than land exercises and almost ANYONE can do it!!!

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