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Croup...conflicting info *updated* Lock Rss

Good afternoon - hope everyone is well and happy smile

DD2 has croup, we went to the gp this morning, she has medicine to take and he also said to use a vaporizer if I have one (I don't, but my sister does), but last night while watching her struggle to breathe I was madly googling info about it (not even sure at the time if that's what she had), and everything I read said not to use a vaporizer as it's not proven to do anything.

So, after all that rambling (sorry, have only had a full hours sleep), has anyone's kids had croup, and did you use a vaporizer? Did it seem to help? Has anyone got any other tips for me?

My DS has just gotten over a bout of croup. My dr told me not to bother with the vapouriser. But what really worked for him was sitting the the bathroom with the shower on hot. The steam worked wonders. We did this when he was struggling a bit and also just before the went to bed.

The dr also gave him a three day course of steriods and that cleared it up straight away. My DS is five, not sure how old your DD is and whether they would prescribe it to her or not...
Thanks for your reply smile

My daughter is 3, and I'm guessing it's steroids she's been given, as I've read that's what is usually prescribed. I've heard of the shower thing, had forgotten about it though, thanks for reminding me - might have to give that a go tonight.
Yeah, do it. You will be surprised at how it makes it easier for them to breath.

I hope your daughter gets better quickly and you both get a relatively good nights sleep tonight.
Thanks, I hope we get more sleep tonight too smile
My little cousins seem to constantly have croup the poor things and their mum gave up on the vaporizer, but she also lets them steam in the shower lets the shower run for a bit so that the whole room steams up and it help just before bed, otherwise she doesn't do much else expect what the doctor gives her for the kids to take! Poor thing its not nice at all!! Hope she gets better soon! xoxo

Our kids get croup and we just take them out into the cool air when they get an attack of it. Standing in the cool air helps to relax there airways.
Thanks Zimbee smile

It would be horrible to have kids that get croup all the time - hopefully this is the one and only time we have to deal with it!
Thanks for that Miss Mozz, it sure is cold enough here - will give that a go too smile
Your Welcome.
DS2 used to get croup a bit. It was scary the first few times, but when I started to recognise the symptoms it was just a matter of staying with him and helping him calm down. I've heard the cool air thing works better then the vaporisers and steam as well.

I also wanted to add though, that we've had our two eldest boys up at the hospital a few times for difficulties with their breathing and the nurses were always quick to diagnose it as croup but when they were finally seen by the doctor it turned out to be something else.

both my kids get croup every year. we were told to use a vaporiser and it actually made things worse for them. it put moisture into the air and the ability for them to breathe would get worse, not better. it did not do them any good at all.

when u spoke to our gp about it (as they recommended it to try and lessen the amount of times they were getting it) he said that some kids react to the vaporiser that way and it really depends on the individual.

all we do now is have the predmix in our fridge waiting for the next time it occurs. the odd trip to the hospital happens but the older they get the more they are able to cope and the less time it takes to recover.

we also have our heating set to 20 over night. this was recommended by our gp too and it does seem to lessen the amount of times they get it as it takes the chill out of the air.
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