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Smacking being made illegal? Lock Rss

we aren't a 'no smacking' house but tbh I cant remember the last time any of the kids received one. we use the 123 method and if they get to 3 then they are in their room for however many minutes and then they can come out with a clean slate. lucky for us this seems to be very effective on the kids so have not really needed to add or take away from that.

if they are in trouble for hitting one another then it is straight to their room, no counting, and they are made to apologise once their time is up.

I think the law is irrelevant. no one knows what goes on behind closed doors.
Perhaps the idea of this law is to influence a cultural shift in what's perceived as normal in our society. So in 50 or 100 years (or more) time parents such as ourselves would not be discussing smacking and whether or not it's ok, whether or not it's personal choice, or whether or not it's about discipline or abuse. It would simply be so far out of the realm of normal it would no longer even be discussed. I'm not sure, just hypothesising really. I'd agree laws don't stop people per se, but they do lay a foundation in society about what's acceptable. Just my own ponderings really.

I find it fascinating to look at the history of the world as it parallels the practises of how we raise/nurture our children, and how we have changed to have greater understanding of human development. This book is a really interesting read about how child rearing customs have changed societies and influenced world events.

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