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After a shocking night with my dd I had a very slow start this morning and was finding it hard to get out of bed. Dd was crawling around my bedroom and ds was watching tv that dp had left on for him before going to work. Ds came down to say good morning and give me a cuddle then went back to the tv... So i thought, a little while later he walks slowly into my room carrying my pink chopping board like a tray with one of his Madagascar cups half filled with cold water and a piece of bread with Nutella on it. He's made me breakfast in bed! He is 4 years old, nearly 5. I just about burst into tears I was so touched!! He used what dp had left on the bench from making his brekky before work. I felt like the proudest and luckiest mummy ever and also felt much better, after my terrible night, instantly!! smile

Sorry the pic is so dark, it's on my bedside table and the blinds were still down. wonderfully adorable! That bought tears to my've got a sweet little boy there wub
what a kind son you have and it sounds like it made your day.Have a good day

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Thats is so cute!!! I would have cried too!! So lovely

awww thats just adorable!!

That's gorgeous! grin

My dd made me brekky in bed yesterday.. She came in and asked dh to come help her with the kettle... I thought she wanted her own brekky. But then she comes in with crumpets (peanut butter an jam) and a cup of tea on her toy tea set tray..... Dh got nothing!! Haha

It is such a privelige to receive brekky in bed by a child, wouldn't matter what they brought in, you eat it anyway!!

That is just the sweetest thing - what a treasure!
What an awesome little kid you have there! That made me cry - so cute smile

That is precious wub

Awww Misskel, what a gorgeous little man you've got, how precious is that!

What a gorgeous little man you have. Such a beautiful gesture smile

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That is so sweet. It was a beautiful thing.

My eldest did the washing up at his oma place this afternoon. He wash up all the plates, bowls and cups without being ask too. He 4 and a half at the moment.

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