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Family cars Rss

I'm getting a Kia Sorento. 7 seats. Beautiful to drive.
Do your research and find something good for you smile

Depends how much you have to spend? We have a commodore station wagon... And although its not the best looking car I absolutely love it. Heaps of room, it's comfy for long trips and still has the mod cons like cruise control and electric windows. You can get a vx (which is what we've got) for around $6500 these days. We paid 11 for it in 2006, an it hasn't missed a beat. Very reliable and easy to drive.

I have a mazda 6, love it & i mean it. It great for pram space & the fuel i don't fill up every week, it normally every 2 week or even 3 weeks depending on where i go. Hubby thinks it fit another car seat in it.

Are you planning on four kids in quick succession? I mean if you are thinking 3 or 4 year gaps plus depending on what you can afford you don't need to buy your family of 6 car now. it might end up being really old by the time child number 4 arrives.

We have a falcon and have just also traded in our old jackaroo for a holden colorado 7, it has 7 seats, bit poshy for us though. It's a 4 wheel drive so can go off road which was what Dh wanted.

Tori-93 wrote:
I guess i don't need a massive car to begin with, i can get one with more seats once we're planning for #4. I just want enough boot space for pram and groceries smile
But so many cars i like.

What sort of cars do you like tori? If anyone has one they can let you know what it's like smile
I have a ford territory and I LOVE it. Everyone that's driven it has been surprised how beautiful it is to drive and manoeuvre around for a bigger car. I can fit any 3 carseats in that you want and my boot is HUGE. I don't think I could manage with a smaller car now.

Forever, for always and no matter what

I second the ford territory, we have 4 boys one being 11 weeks and we manage to fit everyone in plus craploads of baby shite lol. It drives awesomely smile

Tori-93 wrote:
Tutu&Lulu wrote:
I have a ford territory and I LOVE it. Everyone that's driven it has been surprised how beautiful it is to drive and manoeuvre around for a bigger car. I can fit any 3 carseats in that you want and my boot is HUGE. I don't think I could manage with a smaller car now.

That's one of the cars i want smile

I also like
- Subaru Forester
- Nissan Dualis
- Nissan x trail
- Ford Kuga (DF said its way to expensive lol)
There's a few Kia's too but not sure on their names.

One of our cars is a Subaru Forester....absolutely love it grin Apparently we're not the only ones either. We're always getting pulled up by other Forester owners at petrol stations etc who just want to have a chat about how great they are.

When we were expecting bub no3 we also got a Kia Carnival. I was expecting to hate it, but it is just so roomy and practical that I actually do love it.

When it's time to upgrade out Forester we'll probably be looking at the Subaru Tribeca so we'll have two cars that fit in all four kids and will meet all our purposes.

I have a jeep (yes i bought a jeep lol) and absolutely love it.wouldnt swap it for the world
Am I the only one who doesn't like 4WD's??? I am onto my third Toyota in a row and have loved them all! Can fit 3 seats in the back (although once you have your 4th kid, no good). And the boots in them are massive. DH used to have a Mitsibishi Magna and his boot was heaps smaller than mine. Camry's are also very economical and reliable, so good family cars smile
Depends if you're buying it new or used and if used, how old?

We found our options to be very limited as we have four kids in car seats and many of the 7 seaters don't have anchor points for the fold down seats. You can get them put in but you also need to consider how practical this is. We were very particular about the fold up/down seats being full size. Once again many 7 seaters don't have full size fold up/down seats.

We feel pretty strongly about car safety and insist on our kids being in an anchored car seat/booster until 7 and probably beyond! DF wants to buy DD1 the new SnS booster that does up until 10 yrs but i'm not sure that I could do that to my child. Most of her friends don't even use a booster and they are all still 6yrs old.

Although it's not the law to have children in an 'anchored' booster, it probably will be by the time you have no. 4!

So if you're thinking of buying new and keeping it for a while, you need to make these considerations.

I think all cars are ugly! Yeah, some worse than others! So to some degree I left it up to DF to choose which one out of a select few.

We liked the Kia Grand Carnival as you can remove any of the middle row seats making it much easier for the kids to get in and out (and for us to strap them in). It also gives you that much extra space if you need to transport something long or bulky!

I'm gonna be honest! I said we would never own a Kia. THEY'RE CHEAP CRAP! Well we spoke to an NRMA guy and he said that the new motors are great and he has had hardly any callouts for them. He said, "Don't touch the older models, they're nothing but trouble." He also told us that the diesel engines were even better and we were planning on going diesel anyway!

You can forget about the cheap part too. The RRP for what we got plus the extras we wanted was $59000, we did alot of talking!!! (Yeah, not that expensive, but really cheap either!)

I'm surprised that DF says it's not that bad to drive! Our previous cars and still current second car were Audi and Renault. So a major difference!

We also get about 775 km/tank for city driving, which is pretty good for a 2T car!

As MumaMum said, you may be better off getting a smaller car for now and buying another one later on!

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