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I had a job interview last Tuesday with Jupiters Casino to work in one of 2 restaurants there. It was a group interview with a lady from their recruitment centre and the food & beverage manager followed by one on one interviews.
Group interview went well, felt like I stood out in the group which had many lacking confidence or little knowledge/experience of F&B. that was confirmed in the one on one where she told me they both really liked me and thought I did great in the group and could fit in with their team well but just wanted to ask "how I would go not being home with your son?". I explained df would be staying home with ds & studying from home so its easier knowing he is home with dad. That was the only direct question, we just discussed the job other than that. She said "when" you come back in we just need a copy of some photo ID.
I left thinking I had the job. The next day I got an email saying I didn't get it. I'm sure it's because I'm a mum but can't prove it. Really disappointed.
So I have another interview tomorrow for a housekeeping position. Not really what I want to do but a good honest hard work kind of job that I could handle if there is enough hours.
Another interview Tuesday for either floor supervisor or waitress at a cafe in Burleigh Heads. It's a beautiful cafe that is very serious about their coffee. They have incredible baristas that know everything about coffee and they roast their own twice a week. One single origin and one blend. The food looks great too and it's breakfast and lunch only. Looks like they are a close team and they want someone for long term employment. Really sounds like the job for me! Hope I get that one!

How sucky that the lady made it sound like you had the job - sounds like someone changed their mind overnight.
Good luck with the cafe interview - it sounds fantastic grin
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