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Before and after shots!! Lock Rss

It's all getting cut off at 4pm, so you'll have to wait for the after shot!! Been growing this mane for nearly 2 years and I'm so sick of it it's not funny... Can't wait!!

Pic removed smile

And hopefully this'll be the after shot wink

Loving your hair long but also love the style youve chosen really cute look.

Ooh looking forward to seeing how it turns out chalys!!! Love a new hairstyle!!!
Just bookmarking so I can see the after shot later !! smile Although maybe we should also get a pic after you've washed & done it yourself? It's just never the same as the hairdresser does it, is it?
Woo hoo a new do for a new season! Can't wait to see the after shots smile
You can so pull that off! Look forward to seeing the after shot!
Good luck, I'm sure it will look awesome smile

Gosh girls arnt you all so nice!

Here it is, I love it, feels so much fresher!! grin

Pic removed smile

Awesome! It looks so cool, very pretty. Glad you love it smile
Gorgeous!! smile

Wow u look so different to what i pictured you in my head.for some reason i always pictured u with a short blonde bob.i dont know why lol.ur hair looks lovely smile
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