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Before and after shots!! Rss

Haha funny one jas!

It's not quite like Katie Holmes however like the hairdresser says it would have to be a whole lot thicker to look like that and I lucked out in the luscious locks department!! But it's still fresh and feels heaps better, and hubby will love it as he's always loved my hair short.

Yeah she did use products to get the volume happening, it always lasts 5 minutes. My hair likes to be stubbornly flat, doesn't matter if you blow dry or what you do, same goes for curling it.. Doesn't work!!

Looks fantastic. Its always great to have a nice change.

Looks great! You're very brave going for the drastic change. I always chicken out and so still have the same old haircut all the time.

Ooh I like it! Very summery. I'm the same as CJCMF - grand plans to change but always chicken out.
Looks fantastic smile

that really suits you, looks great smile

Looking good Chalys smile

I had about 6 inches cut off mine the other day - feels so much better

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

Wow I can't believe how different you look!
looks fantastic! xxx
Love the new look Chalys, I think it suits you. smile

Thanks girls! It's not for everyone obviously, but that's okay with me. smile

I'm off to sleep after last nights shenanigans, havn't even made it to 9pm. Lol night night xx

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