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FIL rings up my DH to see if he can come over. DH says he is working late. He wanted to see his grand daughter anyway so said he would come past even though only I was home with dd.
So he doesn't come over until 6pm! He rang me right before and I said "just about to put dd in the bath". He didn't get the hint and said I'll just be quick. So givig him more of a hint "I'll leave the door unlocked then cos I'll have my hands full"
So last week grandma in law said dd was too skinny (sooo damn rude as it is) so then tonight FIL came over while ddwas in the bath and said "she actually looks really healthy!" As if he was surprised.
When I'm home alone I have to feed and bath dd, somehow eat dinner and feed and play with the dog. Its way too hectic but he just doesn't get it!!! Sooo annoying.
Anyway had to rant about the in laws. Thanks for listening smile

If it were me I'd give him jobs while he's there to try and give him the hint. Like "can you pass me that towel", "would you mind feeding the dog", etc etc
I would gladly have my parents come at that time so I could say here help me with this!! But if it were my I laws I'd feel the same as you...

My parents rocked up at 9pm tonight for a visit and have just left at 10pm. Hubby an I were making it clear we were very tired. It's a week night, kids are asleep and they were being loud. Geez Louise. Anyway, not wasting my energy being cranky at them. Going straight to sleep. Night night!

And sorry just realised I made my whole post about me.. I didn't mean to do that I was just relating! Lol

Hope you all get a good sleep tonight. Xx

Haha love the responses. If it were my parents, no problem. My mum runs around and cleans the house for me. His dad expects to be treated like a guest though, so annoying. Mevnot stopping what needs to be done is my way of showing him he isn't welcome at that time. I always tell DH its his place to tell his dad theee things not mine, but their relationship is so different. I would just straight out tell my parents its a bad time don't come, but their relationship feels more formal.

wow that would suck, im lucky to have a great relationship with my inlaws, they pop in whenever, have a chat, spoil the kids, see if i need help... now on the other hand if it was my mother or sister, theyd come over critise my parenting, tell me how feral my kids are, tell me im lazy cause the house is too untidy (i have a 6 year old, 3 year old, pregnant with twins on bed rest)...

although if i was in your poistion id be very upfront, and probably rude as i dont hold back, and tell him he is inconsiderate to not respect you have a routine with you DD and he is interupting it and should come back at a more appropiate time when your DH is home
My inlaws don't take hints at all. And feel very "dissapointed" if they don't get to see their granddaughters.

And yet FIL will ring almost daily and "just chat" for an hour or so, never catching my hints that I need to get Miss4 ready for kindy, or I need to put miss 2 down for a nap. Never mind I'm heavily pregnant and want to lay down too.

And my SIL comes over with her three kids and just lets them loose so I have to be referree to them and make sure they don't break my things. Sometimes I wish we didn't live so close to my inlaws 'cos I love my alone(well alone as I can get with 2 kids) time, and not have to worry if someones just going to turn up for "quick visit"
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