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Hello does anybody know of any websites where there is free CPD available without having to pay for a membership? I need to get some done for my portfolio.
Thank you smile

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You can use google scholar to look up journals that are relevant to your clinical area. If you're going to do this however, it's not simply enough to read the article, you've got to do a reflective learning tool to show what you have learnt and how you will apply it to your practice. Are you employed at the moment? Usually your workplace will have professional memberships that you can access. You can claim any in-services you attend or seminars and can also claim time spent teaching somebody else. Remember that if you do pay for conferences, resources etc that these can be claimed on tax

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If you are part of the union you can find plenty of stuff there when you log in.

Its mandatory at the place I work to do on line training at
Some courses are free, others you need to pay for. Good luck.
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