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Mirena IUD and Weight Gain Lock Rss


I had the mirena inserted about 8 weeks ago & stacked on (more) weight. I am 3 weeks into the Shannon Ponton 8 week challenge, so I am doing all the right things, food & exercise wise, however the weight WILL NOT budge. I believe this to be due to the mirena. So, I am planning on having it removed. Has anyone else gained weight after the mirena & were you able to finally start to lose weight once it was removed? Thanks heaps.
I have had the opposite and found that I have lost around 5kgs after having my mirena in as it has regulated my hormones heaps.

It very common to gain weight on the Mirena because of the hormones on it but every womens different it really depends what your hormones were already like as to how it affects you. It's very much the same as the pill or the jab.
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