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Big Brother Lock Rss

Who watches it?

That Tully chick just makes me want to strangle her. She never stops bloody sooking!

I don't. But a lot of my Facebook friends like a page about not liking Tully from Big Brother. Keeps coming up on my news feed grin so seems your not alone!

mumma-shan wrote:
Yep I watch it. Waiting for the massive sook tonight when thy do the double eviction.

And I highly doubt she will have her gf when she goes home.... She dives me insane every Monday night lol

Oh yes! I would be highly surprised if her girlfriend has hung around waiting for her!

mumma-shan wrote:
theres the first sook of the night. i cant believe he got evicted, he had a great body to perv on sad

Argh! Shhhh we're behind you so it hasn't happened here yet!

I watch it. Tully annoys me to the core. I follow her girlfriend on twitter & Instagram out of curiosity and she has vowed to stick by her but in the real world how possible is that? I just could never have even snuggled with another person if I was in a relationship.
Yes mummashan, what a shame.
Haha we're watching Tully cry and dd said "is she ok- does she need milk?" laugh

TallulahBelle wrote:
Haha we're watching Tully cry and dd said "is she ok- does she need milk?" laugh

laugh that is so cute. The crying is so over the top! I don't hate her the way most people do, but the full blown sobbing and bawling and wailing is a bit ridiculous!
TallulahBelle wrote:
Haha we're watching Tully cry and dd said "is she ok- does she need milk?" laugh

Ahahahaha!!!! That's awesome!! Tully totally needs some milk laugh laugh
I am totally addicted to this show this season and yep, not liking Tully at all.

has anyone seen the "Hitler's reaction to Tully not being up for nomination" on youtube. OMG, it is so funny.

Lol little rascals and misskel- I reckon she needs more than a milk laugh

Mumto2Ts- great to see you around!

Mel- I thought her friend just said the girlfriends a big girl and she has lots of support but the bully campaign is not helping? I wouldn't blame her for ending it via twitter though- at least she's ending it and not just moving on?! Tullys so young- I hope people don't give her a hard time for years to come sad social media goes crazy about this kind of thing hey?? This year I reckon the housemates are so so... Love Ben and can't help it- I love Tim lol don't like him picking on Ben but apart from that- he's a character grin don't like Jade, Tully needs to control her emotions but I guess as she matures that will happen, hopefully!

Oh yes love Big Brother, anyways Tully is annoying, i wanted her to go at first but her and drew just make it more interesting don't you think? But i did not see that coming with Matt I seriously thought those Sugar sisters were going. I could go on and on but what do you think about the cat with 9 lives lol saved again.
I love Tim but am pretty sure I would hate him if I were in the house with him! He is good to watch from the comfort of my house though LOL
I also love Ben, which amazes me! I normally hate that there is a 'nice gay bloke' that gets sympathy votes (Ok that didn't sound nice but I hope you know what I mean) But Ben is just so damn genuine and sweet! His mum needs a huge congratulations for bring up a boy with such high morals! and I just love that he thinks everything is so 'interesting'!
Tully!!!!! Grrrrrr! Needs a punch in the face. Even without all the cheating on her girlfriend with a BLOKE! She is just a yucky person.
But I also don't like Tahan or Mikkayla. Don't really like all that many of the people actually but it makes for great television!

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