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Do you swear? Lock Rss

Just curious! Do you swear much?
Yes! Ds1 asked me recently not to swear so much unsure
Yeah probably a bit too much. I try to avoid doing it around DD but it does slip out sometimes...

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only when i am cranky! i try not to but it slips sometimes!

Yes, I'm a shocker :-/

I dont think I am too bad with swearing. I definitely do, but I try to keep it in context and only when really warranted.
not really, I was brought up in a fairly strict home where swearing wasn't tolerated so I don't tend to swear very often. It just means that when I do swear people know whatever lead to me swearing must have been pretty major smile

Not as much as i used to. Only if im real angry ot hurt myself.

Nope, only when I'm really, really angry at someone or something (never the kids though) - I'm often telling my husband to stop swearing so much...typical chef grin
yes, way too much. both my 4 and 5 year old tell me off for it.

a while back I was driving in the car and my 4 year old dd said 'mum, i'm so proud of you, you haven't said any naughty words in the car'. lol. I swear a lot in the car.

I have tried saying fricken etc but apparently that is naughty too.
80sBaby wrote:
It's pretty bad when your toddler can use it in context blink

lol, I agree.

we were eating tea and my ds had to go to the toilet and my dd said 'for f@@ks sake, again?!' dh and I were both shocked. we swear way too much.
I try to only swear around DH when the kids are not around. Although I have done a couple of times in the car when there has been a near miss or something.
The last time happened DD1 said "did you nearly have an accident" so she knows the "meaning" of the word.
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