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Mummas with kids age gap around 18 months Lock Rss

So DS is going i be around 18 or 19 months when bubba comes (depending on id she is early or not). Just wondering how your kid reacted to a new baby in the house? Were they jealous?

DS just spends so much one on one time with me im scared he may be jealous when she is born. Is there anything i can do to make it easier on him?

there is a 19 month gap between my ds and dd. he was not jealous at all with the new baby and never tried to pick her up. he would just try and give her a dummy when she cried. dd was a pretty chilled baby so my time was not fully taken up by her so I was still able to share my attention. plus dh is an awesome dad and made sure ds was getting what he needs.

there was an occasion where he did lock me out of the house and he was in the house with dd at 3 months. not the best time I have had but I kept him occupied in his room through his window until my dh came home with the keys. we now have a hidden spare set of keys lol.

although it was a little annoying with both in nappies etc, they have played so well together all the way through. they are now 5 and 4 and they still play well together. yes they fight but not as often as they play.
There is a 16 month gap between dd1 and my twin dd's. I had no problem with jealousy etc. For me as dd1 was of course still having bottles mostly when I would bf the twins I'd prepare her bottle aswell and she would lay her head on the middle of the boomerang pillow I used to feed the twins. It was Gorgeous actually as I would watch my 3 Beautiful Girls drinking their milk smile
I was lucky the twins self settled in their cot together so that gave me plenty of time with dd1.

One thing I would recommend is when baby is here to have snacks ready made for your ds for when you are bf or busy with baby. I also found getting dd1 to help with getting wipes etc for the baby made her feel special and I always praised her when she was being gentle with the twins.

Reading special books with him now about baby in mummy's tummy will also help prepare him aswell. I read a book called 'There's a house inside my Mummy' to my ds the other week which was a Great book. Talked of the changes that happen with mummy, how sometimes mummy is too tired and feels sick and then about when mummy goes to the hospital.

Mummy of 5 Gorgeous Babes smile
My newest Gorgeous Baby Boy arrived 1st January 2014 smile xxx

Thanks ladies. Just hoping he isnt the jealous type. He doesnt mind me holding other kids or babies at the moment so im sure we will be fine. May be different though when the baby comes home and doesnt leave. smile

My daughter's are 17 months apart and over the first four months have formed a really close bond. We didn't have jealously issues, just be prepared for your 1st child to transfer their career to their dad temporarily which happens usually at this age anyway. I think as mums we are more devastated of this natural transitions then the toddler's are. After a few months things will get back to normal and your relationship with your toddler will be closer than it was before the baby arrived.
my 1st and 2nd are 17 months apart and there was no jealousy /sibling rivalry when they were little.They actually loved playing together but now its sibling- rivalry city!.ds2 and ds3 are 13 months apart and they were 'good' as littlies too and not too bad now either.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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