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Anyone bought the woolies coffee machine? Lock Rss

The $99 one that makes the pod coffee? Is it any good? And can you use other brand pods in it or only the ones specifically for that machine?

I'm sick of instant coffee.. I'd love a decent machine but its always at the bottom of the list and never the right time to go spending big bucks. I looked at other pod coffee machines yesterday and the cheapest one was $350 in our local electrical store, which is too much when I plan to replace it one day with a fully automatic one.

Any reviews on this cheap one?

We don't have one but friends do and BIL/SIL do as well. It seems pretty good from what I've seen and I'm pretty sure you can use any pods

Mmmm coffee smile I'd love a pod machine but we have a perculator and a small espresso machine so can't really justify another coffee maker!

Looks like some mixed reviews...

I saw it at one of our supermarkets here actually, but not our Woolworths equivalent. Might be ok if you only paid $99 and it would last until you could get the one you really wanted?

ETA: also found - this looks a bit more promising, and they say you can use other pods.

We have one and it is great! We use both the select pods and the gloria jenas ones. DH bought some of the nespresso ones and they are too small for the machine, but we have been told that we can rinse out our used pods and put the smaller ones in them, wrap them in foil to reseal them and they should work. We haven't tried it, but I am very wary about doing it. If you get one you do need to get the milk frother to go with it, as frothy milk is always a winner in coffee or hot chocolate!

I wish I'd bought one when they had them on sale for half price!!

Babyolivermom... The review on the link above says the coffee is bitter and smells burnt.. Do you find this? I'm not much of a bitter coffee lover so now feeling a bit wary of it. As it says I probably can't expect much better for such a cheap machine... But I was hoping anyway! Lol

Im off coffee at the moment, I just cannot stomach the taste of it! But it smells quite nice and DH and others who have tried it (or have their own machine) don't seem to mind it. We got ours when they were $49 each too.

The hot chocolate ones are VERY VERY nice though lol I have had a sip of the caramel coffee one and that was nice and I couldn't taste any burnt flavour in that.

Hope it helps!!

Tickled*pink wrote:
We bought one when they were $49. I don't drink coffee, but dh raves about it. He loves it. My mum had a coffee from ours and then went out and bought one- she sometimes just heats up the water and makes an instant coffee from that to save boiling the kettle wacko

I have to say though- one thing ive heard from everyone (and I can vouch from the hot chocolate) is the pods that come with milk pods...don't use the milk pod part. Just use your own milk, 'cos it tastes weird. Not undrinkable or anything, but they are much better with real milk.

Yep agree! My sil has the dolce gusto one which uses a powdered milk pod with it, and yes its a wee bit gross!

We don't have aldi here, might see if they have online shopping.

Bugger they don't have online shopping! Theirs is only $79 too!

What a shame you don't have Aldi near you. I too have an Aldi machine, LOVE IT!!. I also have the milk frother and the only downside is it gets burnt on the bottom. Nothing that a good clean doesn't fix.

As any coffee lover knows this brand is leader and has a briliant quality of devices .I love to drink Columbian coffee .I have Lelit Elizabeth PL92T Espresso Machine from here it is amazing device and is perfect for bar or home pupose.The creme on the top is delicios . When buying an espresso maker, remember good bar pressure is essential for making a good crema.
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