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clever smoke/e cigarette Rss

im just asking for advice so please be trying to give up smoking and find it really hard as everyone i associate with (my partner,parents,friends) all smoke and it doesnt make it easy.not that im expecting it to be easy.anyway was wondering if using a clever smoke thingy would be ok while breastfeeding?it cant be any worse than smoking normal cigarettes can it?they dont have nicotine in them so theres a benefit already.has anyone tried this?or know anyone who has?its more the safety side that im asking about.i know of people who were using patches while breastfeeding and since that is a continuous nicotine fix it cant be good.can anyone help?
I don't smoke and never have, but DH knows someone who uses them and apparently they work really well.

I don't know about the safety while breast feeding either, but agree that they would be soooo much better than the normal ones.

Good luck quitting!

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Tickled*pink wrote:
If they are what I think they are-I know people that use them and the only complaint they had was that unlike a normal ciggie that eventually burns out these keep going. So if you happen to be having one while chatting away or watching TV and lose time- you could end up smoking one for a hell of a lot longer than if you had just had a cigarette which means you've been having that nicotine all that time.

You did say they don't have nicotine, so maybe they're not the same thing because the whole point of them is to help you quit smoking, so they have some nicotine or you would be craving an actual cigarette every time you have one of the electronic ones anyway.

you have the choice of nicotine free so thats what i was going to get.i want to gt my partner one too but he would need the nicotine ones as he smokes quite a bit more than me.i am just completely over it.
Please keep us updated if they worked for you or not would love to know for hubby smile
In case it is hard to make a decision or you want to know more about what is better and healthy, or even if you can breastfeeding, try and you may find the information you are looking for, I read for sure something related to your question, so if you have time, go on and try to learn about pros and cons. Hope I helped, good luck.
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