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Mum's with boys.. Lock Rss

Just out of interest how often do you wash your son's hair?
I only wash it once a week, unless he's been sweating a lot. But he does rinse his hair with water every night.
every second night. It really depends if they being running around & their hairs all sweaty. Might wash it the next night if it has to be done.

At least once a week. Usually coincides with their swimming lessons. Starting to wash DS2's hair more frequently as he has been sweating a lot. We also rinse in between smile

About every 4 days to a week
I wash their hair every second night, unless they have something in it like food or they've been really hot and sweaty.

I think I need to show my DH this thread lol! He normally baths the boys and will wash their hair every night, probably coz he washes his hair every day. When I bath them I tend not too as I know DH will be washing it the next night.

Every 2nd night smile

Every night smile

twice a week we do a really good scrub (shampoo and conditioner) and if he has been sweaty we will also give a good scrub and every other day just a rinse

I find if we wash it anymore than that it gets too dry and he gets an ichy scalp.

About twice a week.
Well I wasn't going to reply to this 'cause I thought I would get slaughtered lol.
But probably about once a week.

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