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So i have something important to say. Maybe not important to you but it is to me and other parents in my position.

Im sure you've seen a parent at some point feeding their child something you disagree with. Maybe cordial, chicken nuggets, chips, icecream, cake or custard. Perhaps this child appeared young, maybe 6-12 months old?

Shocking right?

It could have been me.

My Ds has failure to thrive and a texture aversion. The list of foods recommended by the patrician, speech therapist and pediatrician include cake, cheese, cream, high calorie foods, chocolate, icecream, cheetos, deep fried foods, and biscuits.
You'll see me feeding him macdonalds chips, yogurt or custard with every meal and packet chips. Of course he still has fruit and vege!

Its not just limited to these foods. You'd also either laugh or think of me as odd when you see me chase him around the house spooning food into him as he plays.

You see not only does Ds not like lumpy food but he also is incredibly active and the thought of having to sit in a high chair while he chew his food is terrible to him. He doesn't eat much because he simply doesn't like sitting still, eating or food. Only a small problem right?!

You know what tops all this off? He's just turned 1 and is the size of a 6-9 month old. People don't guess his age to be 12 months. So when they see him eating all this "crap" food it adds fuel to the fire. They think they're seeing a 6-9 month old baby being fed hot chips.

It goes the other way too. Well meaning family and friends think the idea is to give him a duet full of oily and sugary foods and attempt to help by trying to shovel lollies down his throat. Or lecture me on teaching him to eat what he's given.

So, i guess my point is this...
I've had about a thousand (ok that's a small exaggeration) doctors appointment in the last six months. I've had to travel to another hospital to stay a few nights so Ds can be observed. I've been to the emergency department a lot -Ds has been sick almost constantly- and many sleepless nights. Im run ragged from chasing my little ball of energy. And Im bloody tired. The last thing i need is THOSE looks. The ones that say "ugh, i can't believe she's feeding that to her child".
So next time, just smile politely and open your mind when you see a parent feeding their kids junk foods, it might be me.


(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

Hi noddy, just wanted to say we have all had moments where we've felt judged by others, whether it be a stranger, a friend or a family member. I'm sorry this happens to you constantly sad All I can say is that it's your child and you know best so stuff everyone else.

It sucks you get judged so much nods. I hate those people that judge people for letting their kids have maccas or any other food. More so, I would hate to be their kid! My ds gets maccas, lollies, chips sometimes for no reason other than he is my boy and I like to spoil him sometimes! He is a kid and should have fun treats sometimes. That's it.
You actually have a legitimate reason for it unlike me! Those people that judge that sort of thing just think their sh!t don't stink. They might only give their kids super healthy foods but what else is going on in their parenting? I know a mum like that who is also a full on helicopter parent and her 3 yr old daughter is the most needy child I have ever met. She can't get dirty, she can't climb up by herself to go down a slide, she trips but its obvious it wouldn't hurt, not even a mark on her and screams until mum rushes over and fusses just must have mums attention constantly and can't do anything for herself. But mum thinks she's the best mum out and is really judgemental of any mum who lets their kid run off and play in the dirt or just says "oopsy, your ok, up you get" if the see their little one take a tumble.
Ok so now I'm sounding very judgemental but my point is that my parenting isn't "perfect" because I let my boy eat junk and get dirty but nobody is perfect. There is always something that we may not even realise we are doing that may not be perfectly the best thing. No one has the right to judge you when you are doing everything out of love for your kids.

Well said nods. Not to mention, every parent has the right to give their child the odd treat, so when a stranger in a shopping centre sees you give your baby or toddler something a bit naughty, what right do they have to make comments when they don't know the full story.

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that's every kids dream!!! I hope it helps, and good luck with it all.

I decided a long time ago that I would not judge other mothers as I don't want to be judged either so I hope you are not putting up with this very often.

I didn't know a child could have issues with textures but that makes complete sense!

can I please join in this new diet too =D
Hey Noddy, happy birthday to your little man.

Thanks for posting, I totally agree with what you are saying. Everyone has their own journey And it sounds like you are doing all you can for your DS.

Well done to you for persevering, you're doing a great job.

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Skubala wrote:
Well said nods. Not to mention, every parent has the right to give their child the odd treat, so when a stranger in a shopping centre sees you give your baby or toddler something a bit naughty, what right do they have to make comments when they don't know the full story.


Sorry you're dealing with this Noddy sad

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

Thank you all for the kind words. smile

We all have our struggles and mine isn't the greatest. Ds is still up with his milestones and is affectionate and happy, what more could i ask? smile

I love my boy but by gosh he's a handful. For someone who barely eats he's full of energy. Everywhere i go i get one comment or another. If it isn't " he can't be 12 months he's too small!" its "how do you keep up with him!". He's carers at day care still can't believe how active he is and one said she's worked in day cares he whole working life and never seen a child as active.

One of the largest parts of the problem is that good fatty food like cream and cheese are things he doesn't like. Most kids are happy to eat cheesey pasta and the like but my boy spits it out and looks at me like im trying to poison him! Haha! I have to mix jar food in with it for him to even try it.

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

Nods I'm just a bit curious - if he's hitting his milestones and is otherwise happy and healthy and full of energy, why are they so keen to fatten him up? He is growing isn't he? Even if slowly? Not being critical, just wondering the reasoning for the paeds being so eager to add numbers to the scale. I was always a tiny little thing and even as an adult I was 156cm and 42kg - nothing ever wrong with me, I just wasn't built big. It would just seem a shame to sacrifice healthy food for fatty foods simply for the sake of weight gain. Like I said, just curious?

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My DD1 is a big girl always was, she was 9.1kgs at her 8 month check up, and at three and a half was almost 20kgs, so DD2 and her tinyness has come as a shock to me. She was 'normal size' at birth but just didn't gain much weight even though she does eat. At 15 months she is just a shade over 8kgs. We have to battle to keep the weight on her. She has seen a pead and various nurses and dietitians, she doesn't have failure to thrive, but she does have a fast metabolism and that isn't helped by her extremely active nature.

We have also been advised to give high calorie/high fat food. We used to sneak spoons on ice cream in between spoons of veggies. She is now going through a only feeding herself stage which is frustrating. Last night she discovered KFC chips and loved them, I never thought I would be happy to have a kid love and want chips.

Noddy, in my eyes what you do for your child is your business.

Please don't let people looks upset you cause they do not know the truth & it your business not theirs to know why you feed your child the food you do.

Beautifully written Noddy. You are doing a great job with your children, especially with multiple appointments etc. GBH smile
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