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Replies on Tickled's thread got me thinking, and I thought I'd re-introduce myself to everyone.

I'm 31, and a SAHM to 3 kids - DS 8yo, DD1 5yo and DD2 3yo.
My husband is almost 32, and is a chef.

Would anyone else like to introduce themselves?
Nice to meet you both again smile

I'm ash, a 20 year old single SAHM of a 6 month old little girl Adelaide smile
I am still new but I may as we'll join in.

I'm a 27 year old SAHM to 4 kids. Noah 6, Joshua 4, Leah 3 Oliver 18 months.

DH is 35. He was a moulder but is now studying to be a nurse.
Waywad-870 wrote:
I am still new but I may as we'll join in.

I'm a 27 year old SAHM to 4 kids. Noah 6, Joshua 4, Leah 3 Oliver 18 months.

DH is 35. He was a moulder but is now studying to be a nurse.

I want everyone to join in! New members, old members...whoever!!

How far into his course is he?
I'm a mummy to two beautiful babes
Ds- 5yrs
Dd- 15 months

I work 2 days a week as a professional nanny and enjoy my work/life balance immensely!

Me, dp and our kidlets live in the perfect city of Melbourne smile

i might as well re-introduce myself too since there are heaps of new members since i took my break lol

I am 26 and a stay at home mum of 3 boys C 8, L6, AND W 23months. DH works nights at a flour mill and we have had some marital issues lately, but are sowely working through them. We have been married since 2006 and together since 2004, so while its a slow process i think its worth trying to fix. smile

Hi everyone,

I'm 28, mum to my 4yo ds and 2yo dd. I've been a member of Huggies for about 3 years, with a few name changes along the way.

I'm a solo mumma and have recently returned to work part time which I'm really happy about.

Hope the newer members take this opportunity to join in smile
Hello everyone!! Nice to meet you all tongue

I'm a 24 year old (SAHM) mummy to a beautiful Dd who is currently 7 months old and a Ds who is six! smile
My Df is 27 and is a diary farmer smile

I'm Leisa, and I have 3 kids - Cassie (6), Zach (3) and Abby (7 months). Before becoming a mother I was a teacher but I'm quite happy being able to stay at home with my kids for the moment. DH is also a teacher.

I've been a member since just after having DD1 (probably around October 2007 was when I joined I think) and have had the same user name the whole time smile. I tend to lurk and read more than I reply but I love knowing that I can come here for some 'sanity time'.

Hi I have been reading the posts etc for a while and sometimes work up the courage to post but not often but this seems like the perfect topic to jump in!!!

I am a working mum (I'm a social worker) with three kids. K (9 yrs), L (6 yrs) and R (2 yrs). I'm 34 and my DH is 33. He works in mining and has been near home until recently and has just started a 4 week on and 1 week off rotation. So a steep adjustment for me and the kids.
I'm a 33 yr old SAHM of 4 beautiful babes soon to be 5 grin
My eldest daughter Miss A is 9 1/2. My twin daughters are Miss P and Miss L and they are 8.
My darling boy Master E is 2 yrs 9 months and my new baby boy will be born in less than 10 weeks grin
I homeschool my children and live in Tassie smile

Mummy of 5 Gorgeous Babes smile
My newest Gorgeous Baby Boy arrived 1st January 2014 smile xxx

I will say helloo to you all

I am 37 years and due to return to full time work on the 20th January. I work for MSD (NZ Government) I must say that I am half looking forward to returning to work and sad that I will have to leave my little man..
I have 3 kids, 2 with my ex DH and 1 with my DP (he didnt have any children)

Brooke is coming up 12 years old - she has a attitude at the moment....slowly pulling my hair out and looking older LOL
Paige is coming up 10 - she had just been diagnosed with ADD - Impulse disorder, she also has no short term memory so repetition has become the thing in our household and also dislexyia. She acutally starts after school tutoring today, so fingers crossed we will slowly start to have improvement in school work.

Cooper is 8 months old and actually a dream baby- he is the apple of his daddys eye.

My DP is nearly 39 and is a milk pump technician and I am blessed that he is in my life. He can drive me nuts sometimes (nearly once a week) but very thankfull of him.

That is me smile

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