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3littlemen wrote:
anyone have any experience with stuttering?
I know they can have trouble getting the words out when their brain goes faster than their mouth but I didn't experience this with my older two so im not sure what is the norm? Ds3 turned 3 in july and was going great he spoke really well and quite long sentences now its hard to understand him and he has trouble with nearly every word sad

A friend of mine IRL son stuttered and she took him to population health. They referred him to a speech therapist and within a few weeks he had already made huge progress. its been about 6-8 months now and he doesn't stutter at all.
All the treatment was free.

I believe the speech therapist had him in once every few weeks and my friend doing things at home. He was first diagnosed as severe but like I say it didn't even take a year to correct his speech. smile

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

My ds does it too. He has been diagnosed with a severe speech & language delay. Has been seeing a private speech pathologist. Now goes to special school for it.

I have noticed lately he seems to be stuttering. He misprounces alot of words anyway but the stuttering is really noticable. He just turned 4yrs.

I would mention it to your gp and see what he/she has to say.

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