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What does your baby do that makes you laugh? Lock Rss

My wee man is a complete crack up 11 months old and I swear he has a sense of humor already. He does this funny thing when I tell him to "leave that" or "dont touch that" he goes "wa wa wa" which to me sounds like he is completely flipping me off as if to say "yeah yeah I heard you the first time" !!! Cracks his dad up every time. He also will look me right in the eye .... while dropping his food down the side of his high chair, just like he thinks "if I keep eye contact she wont notice" he does this for touching plug sockets, cords, or anything else he knows he shouldnt but really just has to. He also like to talk as soon as he wakes up so he'll wake up and go something along the lines "wadoff, buttor, ickit" to me he sounds like hes speaking russian. His wee language is so cute. He's just started walking so dont even get me started on the laughs that comes with that, a newly walking baby is quite possible the cutest thing in the world!! I love babies.
Rubicon wrote:
What is the funniest thing your baby does or has done that makes you laugh....

When I'm BFeeding my DD will suddenly stop feeding, look up at me and give me the biggest smile, then quickly re attaches and finishes her feed - I love it..

Sorry just had to say my DD does that too! She only started it at around 4 months. It's the cheekiest smile and the way she reattaches is funny becauses its a real quick whip of the head. Love it!

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