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Sorry can't help with the central heating but it sounds like your heat pump needs a service. It may be leaking gas outside or something. I saw something similar on Fair Go a few months ago. They were running it on maximum but were still cold/barely warm and it was using so much electricity it wasn't funny.

We have a large 8kw panasonic heat pump and it's awesome. Costs half what using an LPG heater was costing us.

I would mention it to your landlords - at least they could get it fixed for the next tenants.

When I lived in a house share we had one of those stand alone gas heaters, with the gas bottle in the back IYKWIM and although it did heat the space well it seems to create loads of moisture, as in it seemed to make condensation on the inside of the windows worse.
We now have a wood burner in our house and I don't think I would ever want another type of heating.

The only gas central heating I have ever had was in England when we lived was awesome! Think though that the system is quite different in NZ to Europe though. Power bills weren't too bad and whole house (two stories) was warm not just one or two rooms. We have a heat pump in our current house and it heats the two biggest rooms in the house (lounge and dining room; open plan) and you can really tell the difference in temperature when you leave one of those areas in winter..BRRRR!!

We said we'd love a wood burner or open fire because if the power ever goes out you still have a heat (and possible cooking) source..but those aren't as 'environmentally/financially' friendly as say heat pumps and/or central heating. We had a heat transfer system in one house and that was nice as at least took the chill off all the rooms, not just the main one or two.

we have gas central heating and reverse cycle air conditioning. we only use the gas in the winter as it is awesome. warms up the house quickly, maintains temperature and is easily programmed.

our last bill was in August and it was $580 for the quarter. that is our normal high one cos it is the cooler months etc. our one before was $224, the hotter months.

I have gas ducted heating-works great, keep it on 20 degrees most time. But all the vents are broken so cant close any off to rooms im not using. so makes it a bit expensive. make sure its serviced before winter-helps it run better n cheaper.
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