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I had to go into town this morning. Had both my boys with me. I park my car at woolies & had to go to the bank, butcher and woolies. Now the bank & butcher are 2 or 3 blocks away and i put little man into the pram and got little master to walk while we went there.

Went to woolies little master push the pram while i push the trolley, didn't feel like going down stairs to put the pram into the car. Got to the check out & the lady serves us alot. She said to little man that he should be walking not being push around.

I said normally he would but since i had to go to the bank & butcher i didn't feel like making him walking due to him getting tired legs & wanting to be pick up. I said if hubby was with me he would be carrying him when his legs got tired. Plus he normally sits in the trolley while i shop.

Now i don't know why this is bothering me but it annoys me that she knows i'm pregnant and i don't feel like i have to say why he in there for cause it's none of anyone business but mine.

He is 2 & if it was just me & him and we didn't have to walk half way around town he would of walk into woolies & place into a trolley to enjoy the ride.
He wasn't crying & was very happy to have his brother pushing him around.
Wish people would mind their own business.

Pfft I still take a pram for my 3 year old sometimes. Like you when we are walking a lot and it's safer near busy roads etc. Plus sometimes you need to carry things to your car and you can't do that with a young child that could run off.

I was still using mine a coupe of months ago. People are idiots roll eyes

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If hubby with me he would drive and park right outside the bank then drive to the next block and park outside the butcher than drive to woolies & park there.

I like to walk, the roads are busy and with 2 kids i don't have the energy to run after one of them while pulling the other one behind me.

I would've used the pram too. I hate having to justify myself to strangers, wish they would just mind their own business and just comment on the weather or something!!

She got 2 kids & she reckons when the 2nd one turned 2, she maded her walk everywhere.

Dd2 is 2 and I still use the pram a lot.
I still use the pram for dd who is 2.5 (if I can get her to go in it). She likes to be independent and walk but it drives me crazy when I'm carrying heaps of stuff and she asks to be picked up. Or they run left/right/circles and get in the way. It is hard enough shopping with children that age, let alone loose to run away, while pregnant and carrying shopping!

That really annoys me when people say stupid things like that!
I wish my 2yr old would sit in a stroller. Trips to the shop are a nightmare with her running everywhere.

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My2QTpies wrote:
is she an older women??? I've noticed that older women ( like 50's 60's) whos children are older tend to fib/ have bad memory recall of things.

I would of just ignored it or said yeah I tried to get them to push me around but its too hard

I think she would be in her about 40.

Don't let it bother you. If he was walking she probably would have said the poor love is mean mummy making you walk. I swear some people talk crap just to avoid silence.

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agree with everyone else,

i think its fine to have a 2 year old in a pram, all of mine were if I could get them to stay

and definately none of her business anyway

hope you are doing ok smile

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