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I dont but my DP has a couple of Liverpoole cups he likes to use and is slowly breaking them one by one lol such a clutz.

they have the Liverpool emblem on them of el'neno

Yes and its masssssssive. I hate having drinks at other places where the cups are normal size, I'm all like what is with your tiny cups?? lol

ETA it has a kind of brown and green spotty design on it.
I have a Justin bieber cup that says merry Christmas and that he loves me lol. an awesome gift from the cousins.

I use it at work as it guarantees that it is never used by anyone else. 1 because it is bieber and 2 because it has my name on it but its mostly cos of the biebs,.
Sort of, I have the Maxwell and Williams sprinkle range so I have the same cup in six different colours. I go through loads of mugs every day cos I have a fair few hot drinks and I get a clean mug every time.
This post makes me think of my mother. Growing up, she had the same black mug that she used for years and when we made her a cup of coffee, it had to go in this particular cup. She said the coffee just didn't taste right coming from another. If that black cup broke, she would quickly have a replacement one. These days she's still got a black cup but I do at times spy her using different ones haha

As long as it is the right size, I'm not too fussy

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