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Hi girls! Lock Rss

Just popping by! I've been agonising over kitten names and then I thought, who better to ask than the Huggies mob! smile
How are you all? I'm going pretty well, actually enjoying not being a slave to the Huggies site to be honest.. Sorry!

So we are picking our 2 kitties up in the next week or so, and we've picked them out... We're getting a plain grey girl with blue eyes, and dd has picked out a black and white boy.

So far I'm set on the name Milly for the girl... And I'm kind of thinking maybe Milly and Moby are cute... But I'm not that convinced with the boys name.. Anyone got some suggestions that go with Milly?

Hope you're all happy and healthy an life is wonderful.. I guess I can't expect that to be the case for everyone but here's to wishing that for each of you!! smile

Gosh it's quiet in here.... Has everybody left? unsure

+1 for Milo! Such a cute-cool name for a kitty!!

Good luck with name choosing and kitty raising!! grin
George (suits a big cat)

Cooper (maybe more for a dog?)

Mandu (Katmandu)
Puff Catty AKA P. Kitty
Ceefer Pronounced See-fer (C for Cat)
Ceefer!!laugh skip you're a crackup!! The black and white one is dds cat so I'm running these past her, so far she likes milo the best! smile

I like milo.....maybe Marley???
~Kalider~ wrote:
I like milo.....maybe Marley???

Marley always makes me think of Marley and Me and thats shit was sad as.
My mama got a dog called Deefer too. Got it for her back in the old days. Its the perfect dogs name tongue
He's a Jack Russel.
If you are looking for a dog name ever Cleo is wonderful. Miss that old bitch. She was my whole childhood.
Then i had a cat called Moggy too back in the day. That cat would kick my ass big time. When we fought i always walked away worse off.
Rosie Mumma wrote:
Skippy And The Greek wrote:
My mama got a dog called Deefer too. Got it for her back in the old days. Its the perfect dogs name tongue
He's a Jack Russel.

A few people mistake us saying "Diva" instead of Deepha though. They've commented that it's an odd name for a male dog tongue

You know what, i have never thought Deefer as Diva.
Actually I love the name diva but prob not for a boy! Dd has decided she likes Oscar now, so thanks for all the suggestions it has definately helped us decide cuz I am hopeless at boys names. smile we've been told we can pick them up on thurs.

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