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Just starting my own thread from the 5W one Lock Rss

OC1246 wrote:
Born in the caul which broke once her legs came out. Amazing!!! She is chubby as and very relaxed so far!!! Such a little sweetheart!!!

Awesome! Congratulations, enjoy your new little one xo
Lol I will add pics when I get a sec. In bed on my phone ATM with those fabulous after pains! Got some visitors this arvo so will have to be a bit later...
Big Congrats OC grin

Congratulations OC enjoy your new little princess.
Yay congratulations OC for the safe arrival of your baby girl. smile

Congrats OC!!!
Congrats to you and your family oc!! Sounds like an amazing birth experience. Look forward to the pic and name reveal smile
Congratulations OC!! Another little woman, her big sisters must be so excited! Congrats again smile
Well done OC, hope we get to see a pic later smile

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Glad it all went well Hun! Congrats on the birth of another little girl. How much are her big sisters loving having a new baby?

Can't wait to see a photo!

Can I just add... About time lady!!!

Congratulations. Can't wait for a name and pics.

Yay! Great news, congrats OC! Hope the first few days go well smile

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