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Just thought I'd share... Lock Rss

these 2 photos I took today after we put up our chrissy tree.
I didn't get one of DS as he still wasn't feeling well, and didn't feel like having his photo taken (fair enough).

*pics gone
Athaye you have such beautiful little girls wub Dd2 is looking SO grown up in that picture!
Thanks Jas grin
They sure did have fun - made up for the rest of the weekend, which wasn't so fun for them.
Thanks Misskel. I know, isn't she? Makes me a little sad.
And yes Jas, so far I have escaped the clutches of gastro!

BTW, that little side fringe DD2 has going on, was cut all by herself....I quite like it! I hope she becomes a hairdresser - we need one in the family wink
Thanks Nai - I'm very glad too!

Yep, Jas a free haircut would be awesome!
Gorgeous girls Athaye. They look alike hey.
Beautiful. smile

Glad you are still well and the girls too, hope DS feels better soon.

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

Possum & Joey wrote:
Gorgeous girls Athaye. They look alike hey.

Thanks smile Yeah, they are starting to look alike, these photos make them look more alike then usual.

jazool wrote:
Beautiful. smile

Glad you are still well and the girls too, hope DS feels better soon.

Thank you!
I'm sure DS will be on the mend tomorrow.

My_little_dazzler wrote:
Aw just beautiful!! grin

Thanks smile
Ilovemylittlebugs wrote:
Beautiful little girls you have there hun wub we put our tree up today too lol I gave in to dd1s excessive nagging after seeing my sil had put hers up laugh
Naww your poor lil man sad we had a random bug hit out house ds1 was first to get it he broke out in a fever had a vomit and slept it off good as gold the next day. Three days later I got a call from dds school she had come down with it!
Hope no one else catches it xx

DD2 was actually the first to get gastro, then it hit husband, DD1 and then DS - I'm the only one that hasn't had it...yet.
Well, that too wink
Holy crappers indeed laugh
I'm exhausted - and have seen enough vomit to last at least 10years!!
I have everything crossed that I have escaped it.
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