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I don't see any pics Nai.
Me either
I like the floral, nice and sweet for a little girl and I think if you're going for relaxed then can't get more relaxing than flowers. But it depends on what the rest of the family are wearing too

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Jas. wrote:
I prefer the floral dress with the cardi smile

Was just about to say the same thing! It's cute and pretty smile
I like the floral.

The floral is gorgeous! But, I know what you mean about it not wanting to be too dressy - and the navy would work well with the colours you and your DS are wearing. If you get your DP to wear a white shirt it would look real good (the navy I mean) smile
I vote for the floral as well
Alien Squid wrote:
Jas. wrote:
I prefer the floral dress with the cardi smile Since you and your ds are wearing navy blue, you need a different colour to break it up abit wink

I agree, the floral with the cardi. smile


you are then all in similar shades, but still different.

Also I have that striped dress but it's for DD1 smile

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*mummsy* wrote:
Depends on the background smile

Yep, it really does depend on the background I think.
Depends on the blue your ds is wearing, if it doesn't clash then it's a beautiful dress and would look gorgeous (the floral). Taking both is a good idea for backup
You're not the odd one out 80'sBaby, I chose the navy too smile
I like the floral with or without the cardi - but that's not dressy to me, that's how DD is dressed every day grin

If everybody else is wearing block colours of blue/white, I'd probably go for the navy to keep the 'theme', but definitely with the cardi.
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