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Just a random little thread lol... What are your favourite tv shows?
Mine are (in no particular order, though the first 3 are my absolute faves!!):

The Walking Dead
True Blood
Pretty Little Liars
Big Bang Theory
Modern Family
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Desperate Housewives
Gossip Girl (Before season 6)
I don't watch a lot of TV and there are not many series I'll bother to watch or catch up on. I like One Born Every Minute, also watched Revenge and I liked Offspring and first few seasons of Packed to the Rafters. The odd series pop up that I enjoy but I get bored of them quickly too

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The big bang theory
Modern family
Black books
The IT crowd
Home improvement
Buffy the vampire slayer

And theres probably more
Oh, Revenge is really good! I've only seen the first season but I liked it smile A lot of people say they watch one born every minute, I should check it out sometime.
My all time Favorites would have to be:

Gilmore Girls
Vampire Diaries
True Blood
Two and a Half Men
Will and Grace

Cant really say i watch to many current TV shows except Neighbours.
Oh wow how did I forget Friends?! I've seen the series at least 4 times lol DH and I always quote it grin
The Walking dead
The Originals
The vampire diaries

They are the three I do not miss smile

Dazz you just reminded me thank you! Sons is a must in our house, must find out when the new season plays here, Prison Break was good!

Downloaded or is it on air over there? Very jealous smile Lucky you

OHHH I totally forgot Glee, i love that show god they can sing. ( I reckon anyway )
Criminal Minds
Cold Case
CSI (the original one)
Private Practice
One Born Every Minute
Scrubs (this is DH's all time favourite show...we have watched the entire series probably 20 times over)
Without A Trace

Do you know when you guys said the IT crowd, I was thinking of the Spin crowd lol! I was thinking "Really?!".

Has anyone seen Drawn together? So wrong yet so hilarious!

Also, people that are into Charmed, did you know they're doing a reboot?
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