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TV shows Lock Rss

True blood
Sons of anarchy
Dont trust the b in apartment 23
Big bang theory
Once upon a time
2broke girls
Home and away
The L word
Modern family
Sex and the city
Full throttle saloon
The list goes on
The Walking Dead
Sons of Anarchy
True Blood
Breaking Bad
Vampire Diaries
The Originals
Gossip Girl
One Tree Hill
Million Dollar Listing NY
Million Dollar Listing LA

big bang theory,
mike & molly,
2 broke girls.
sons of anarchy

There are the only shows i don't like to miss.

I've seen Friends episodes so many times that i know the next line, it creeps hubby out but he know's every line to Seinfeld.

Lol Jas my mum LOVES bold and the beautiful grin

mummypride, I forgot the L word! That's such a good show!
I record all my shows on Foxtel, otherwise I'd miss most of them. How do you download them??
The only one I'm really into ATM and cannot miss is Scandal. We love Dexter but usually wait until the whole season is available on DVD so we can watch it all at once. I really enjoyed the first season of Time of Our Lives, looking forward to the next one. Also like Frasier, Scrubs and Friends and like them when I catch reruns.
I don't watch much on TV I stream stuff off the net but I am watching or have watched recently
Breaking bad
The walking dead
Pretty little liars
Greys anatomy
Once upon a time
How I met your mother
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