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Does anyone here have heart problems? Like constant paliptations etc?
I get palpitations often but not should get that looked at.

No, i thought i had something like that but doctor told me it was to do with my anxiety.

If you worried go & see your doctor skippy

I have been to the Doctor. I had palpitations, between 40-50 a day and got a heart monitor put on but then the Nurse rings me back a few days later telling me the halter didn't work, something happened and only got 30mins instead of 24 hours.
I was suppose to re-do it BUT the palpitations had settled down. That was about 3 weeks ago. Now today they've started again. So far today i've had about 20 odd.
Quite frankly its petrafying.
Last time it went away and nothing dramatic happened. But what if it DOES escelate.
So i am just asking if anyones experienced palpitations and wondering what it was because i'm going to have to go back to Doctors if this keeps happening by tomorrow and i'd like to throw ideas at him.
I had to wear a halter monitor when I was pregnant because I had them a lot. I had very low iron stores and an infusion sorted it out.

I get that whilst pregnant. They put it down to the thyroid issues I have whilst pregnant.

So basically, don't get too stressed about it, but definatley get it checked out, as it could be one of many different things.

Good luck.
Hey Skip, sounds like the problem hasn't gone away much since you posted last sad atrial fibrillation might also be something to talk to him about, as some people have symptom free periods. Does it come with any chest pain? I definitely think heading back to the Dr is a good idea, especially since you're finding the symptoms concerning. I hope they get to the bottom of it for you

Thanks for your thoughts guys.
Last time I saw the Doc, he said sometimes things like this just happen and no causes known.
It's not NORMAL though. SOMETHING has got to be doing it. And what if that something gets worse :/
I've had tests last time. Everything came back fine. All my levels. Even thyroid is fine apparently. So blood test indicated no problems.
I first got palpitations while pregnant with jace. Now i get them when im stressed (which is most of the time lately). I havent told the dr yet because i always forget after dealing with everyone elses medical issues to tell her.

Last friday a had a massive tightening accross my chest after getting palpitations. I told my councillor who urged me to see a dr. She belives its anxiety related.

So theres my experience. smile maybe you can relate.

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

When I was pregnant I started getting tachycardia (fast heart rate). I've had every blood test under the sun and also an echocardiogram which came back normal. I also had the 24 hr monitor done which showed my heart rate rising but no cause. As my pregnancy progressed I started getting palpitations as well. These stopped once I delivered DS.

Three years later my resting heart rate is usually over 100 but I get random attacks a few times a year where my pulse can be over 200 beats per minute. Like you they have no idea what causes it, one doctor suggested my heart goes into atrial fibrillation but not 100% if that is causes it. Caffeine can sometimes be a trigger for mine so if you drink soft drink or coffee maybe try cutting it out and see if it helps.

I know my problem is a bit different to yours but understand how frustrating it is not knowing why it happens.
Hey I had a halter monitor test because my heart rate appears tachicardic (above 100 bpm). They also suggested thyroid, low iron etc.
In the end I was sent to a heart specialist who did a stress test and ultrasound of my heart. Everything was normal. He said over 24 hours my average heart rate was around 95bpm and that is unusual but seems to just be the way my body works.
Other possible causes he suggested were valve problems, different sized arterities. Can't even remember the rest.
I would get a referal to a heart specialist so you can look at the possible physical Problems with the heart. You may be fine but its worth checking.

I hope you are ok. sad I just wanted to say I used to get them a lot when I drank Moccona Instant coffee. I don't get them when I drink proper coffee. One instant coffee would be enough to do it.
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