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Whoa! No your not a bitch I think that is sooooo weird! I would be annoyed because now what are you meant to do with it? Bring it out when she comes over then stash it back in a cupboard when she leaves?

Bit weird... Had she even mentioned to you that was what she was doing?? Did any other friends get one too?

I love my friends kids, but I wouldn't have photos of them on my wall.. The only people my parents ever gave the professional photos of us to was our grandparents.. Then when I turned 21 one set gave a couple of them back! That was weird too lol.

Do it back! Give her a photo of your kids grin grin grin

Wow very creepy , unless you are family or a godparent . Just must think her kids are the cuteiest in the world , you could always get a digital photo frame and take a pic of hers and then put it on there . That way you don't always have to look at that one pic but lots ! Agree if you want to do the same to her make sure it's bigger wink
No I wouldn't put up a pic of my friends kids on my wall! im wouldn't really even put up largish pics of nephews and nieces. I have a few 4x6 pics of nephews and nieces on a bookshelf but that's the extent of it!

How awkward, it does seem an odd gift to me so I don't think you're being a bitch. I was just thinking about it if it were me and while I LOVE seeing pics of my friends kids and sometimes I will keep them on my phone (or email) for a bit, but I can't imagine printing and framing them.
ergh no - that is an awkward situation.

I cannot imagine giving photos of my kids to anyone (other than our families) as a gift, and I equally cannot imagine receiving them as a present and having the dilemma you are in now.

So no, don't think you are a b!tch.

I guess the playroom scenario works, as in the girls can see their friend's pics. Do you have photos of your girls in there too?

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It was very nice of her but at the same time it alittle weird.

I wouldn't give any photo's to friends only to family.

I wouldn't put a photo up of a friends kids, i don't even have photo's of my nieces or nephews anywhere in my house.

Giving pictures of your kids is only something that you do for the grandparents in my opinion! Lol I think its weird too. You're not a bitch at all. I think her heart was probably in the right place and she is blinded by love for her kids to see that not everyone would appreciate it.

Its a lovely thought but weird. Something i would only do for family. Maybe just put it on a bookshelf or something in a corner for a while so she sees you have put it up and then after a while take it down.

I don't think it's weird at all! How lovely that she thought enough of you to give you a gift, a photo of her babies. I'd love to have my friends kids in pictures in my home. They are a big part of our lives and I think it's a lovely gesture.

If you feel uncomfortable I think putting it up in the play room is a great idea smile
Maybe she just had leftovers? You know how you get photo packs and sometimes have a few left over and they go to waste if you don't give them to anyone? She might not really care what you do with them but thought of it as a nice gift anyway.

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