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breastfeeding and drinking Rss

So Christmas continues but its also my birthday today! !!

Anyway dd sleeps from about 7pm to 6am now without a feed. Am I safe to have a few drinks after she goes to sleep? I haven't yet whilst bf because shes been so unpredictable but lately she has been sleeping through every night.
According to the Aba I could have 3-4!! I'd be happy with a glass. .. or maybe 2!

Not sure on the answer to the alcohol question but happy birthday I hope you have a lovely day smile
Happy birthday hun.
When i was BF DS and he slept all night i had a drink some nights. I pumped a bottle just incase he did wake up but he never did. Only had a glass of wine so not too much. I cant remember exactly but i think it was something like if you have more than 3 or 4 standard drinks you cant BF for 24 hours otherwise the alcohol is still in your system and in the breast milk. Cant remember exact details so dont quote me on it, it was something along those lines.

Alcohol clears out of breastmilk at the same rate it clears out of your blood - and contrary to what some will tell you, you don't have to "pump out" the milk to get rid of the alcohol, because it clears like blood does. So for an average sized female, you could expect a "standard" drink to take approximately 2hours to completely clear from your milk, so if you had one or two drinks you could feed safely again after about 4 hours. When I was breastfeeding, I would express some milk before I started to drink so that if my DD surprised me with a midnight wake up, I could feed her that and not be concerned about how many drinks I'd had.

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Happy birthday, hope you have a lovely day!
I pump my milk before I start drinking too and have a couple of bottles of formula made up just in case. (DS is mix fed.)
Though I never have any more than 3 drinks now as I find thats more than enough for me lol.
I used to pump a bottle off just incase or have formula in the cupboard for those unpredictable times.

I remember expressing after drinking once as someone told me it changes the colour of ur mik and it was green... glad I saw that cos I wouldn't want that going in my baby.

I wouldn't see the big deal with a glass every now and then though.. =)
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