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the bad present thread!! Lock Rss

What is with MILs giving terrible gifts??!! In the 15+ years that I have known her she has given me mostly gifts from op shops. Yes it's the thought that counts, but a marked second hand yoga mat... ugh. That went straight to the tip. She also regifted a hideous blue and gold vase that had been given to them by DP's aunty. Also ended up in the bin after I gave MIL some flowers once when she was staying with us and went to put them in that vase, the look on her face as to why I was handing her this hideous thing for these beautiful flowers was priceless. I repeatedly told her not to buy me anything and for a little while she stopped. It started happening again, for xmas she bought me a small food processor to help prepare food for my LO after watching me use a potato masher to mash stuff up. Nice thought, but it is useless, doesn't puree, leaves really big lumps that I have to mash up anyway and it creates more washing up. I used it a few times and have given up. Back to the potato masher for me. At least it was new, thats what I keep telling myself.

My MIL gives me random gifts, some of them over the years have been ok. The thing that cracks me up is that without fail the card or gift tag is addressed to "Hanaha". A) my name is Hannah, not that hard to learn to spell c) I know there's a few variations on how to spell it eg Hanna, Hana, but seriously "Hanaha" I have never seen anywhere b) I've dated or been married to her son for 12 years now and she still can't spell my name!

One time, a colleague got my son Mega Bloks. He's a huge fan of legos so he wasn't exactly pleased with that!
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