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Advise to combat nausea please Lock Rss

I'm over it. Constant nausea is wearing me down. What your tips? Unfortunately I can't do ginger and lemon I find that so gross.

For me I have to eat every couple of hours, as soon as I start to feel hungry I feel sick.

wageha wrote:
For me I have to eat every couple of hours, as soon as I start to feel hungry I feel sick.

I do get to the point that I'm hungry and then by the time we cook dinner I'm feel too sick to eat. I tend to get worse at night. Begins in the afternoon.

Frenchkiwichick wrote:
I couldn't do ginger either. Have you tried homeopathic oral sprays? Or those seaband bracelet things?

I must try those travel bands. I suppose a chemist has them?

Little Miss' wrote:
I went to the gp and got medication. It helped slightly. Otherwise just the usual small snacks regularly. I had it this time for almost my entire pregnancy, its very draining.

I haven't been vomiting much so I don't know if they'd prescribe anything?

I had really bad nausea when I was pregnant with DS. But I never actually threw up (I wanted to though because I think I might have felt better if I had). Sometimes (depending on how bad it was) I found a hot shower worked. Or taking deep breaths and trying to think of something else.

At night maybe try cooking dinner earlier or having something you could snack on while you wait.

Other than that I would say what has already been suggested.

Hope you feel better soon. I know how crap it feels.
For me it was something different each time. Certain foods or drinks were bliss as I was able to keep it down but it also made me feel better for a short time after. You can get ginger tablets if you don't like the taste of ginger. Morning sickness for me seemed to get worse with each pregnancy, by dd (#4) I was offered medication, expensive though. I wasn't vomiting much either, but could hardly get out of bed in the morning without it. Not 100% normal but enough to get me through the important stuff. Dh was working away by then so had no support after work hours.
Are you on vitamin supplements?
I swapped to just folate as I thought they could be some of the problem. But really no different. Didn't know about ginger tablets either. Thanks smile

Iron can make it worse so would have suggested going off any multi-vits or iron sups.
I can tell you what i tried & it work for me.

With my first pregnancy i had shape biscuits or saos or toast.
With my second i had biscuits or i ate apple.
With this one i had a thing for water or fruit.

I could not go near ginger with my first 2 pregnancy & this one i haven't even tried it.

Every day I've been drinking plenty of water except for today I haven't had as much. Trying to drink more now before bed.

Mine was also bad in the evening, it used to get progressively worse in the afternoon and by dinner time I could not cook food at all blaah. Peppermint tea sometimes helped. I also had these ginger chew lollies and something I never tried but have heard can be good is fruit tingle lollies. Maybe the fizziness helps. With my first son I munched on peppermints and small bits of dark chocolate all day long. Agree with others on drinking water if you can and getting lots of rest. A power nap in the arvo might help get through the rest of the evening?
I hope it eases for you soon Pinkie Pie. Pretty much about the time I found out I was pregnant I started vomiting. It lasted till about 12 weeks, but I was just thankful it stopped at all! I couldn't stand the smell of meat cooking nor of coffee (which I used to love). I found sips of lemonade helped but I also used to take things like crackers with me everywhere. I would even have crackers next to my bed with some water and if I woke up during the night I would have a little snack. I also tried peppermint and camomile tea esp in the afternoons.
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