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I did take hubby name & sometimes i wish i didn't.

I took my husbands name, didn't really think not to.

Did you take your husbands name Thea?
I took my husband name smile For me I couldn't wait to loose my maiden name. Nothing to do with the name itself as it was quiet plain more just wanting to disconnect from my immediate family, we're not close so it doesn't hold much meaning to me. I feel like I belong when I'm with my husband so his name is my name

I took my DH's name, but our my initials stayed the same lol. I gladly took it, instead of spelling out my name every time before they asked, all I have to say now is "With an e" lol.

I'm not really a fan of hyphenated names, I guess I see the point for some people but bit long winded for me.

For me, part of being married is being a family, and sharing a name. And being a Mrs. People know you're married, and know who your family is.

yep, I did. Never thought about not changing it. I like my dh's surname because its not as common and I think it goes better with my first name than my maiden name did grin
At first it was a little strange to refer to myself as my new name but now that's my identity and quite happy with it smile

No-one can announce the name nor can i.

Probably as all our kids have DF's surname! Plus I have a rather unfortunate surname but i'm kind of used to it by now i guess!

Mind you, it is kind of funny watching peoples faces as they read either my kid's or DF's surname and then mine as our surnames have the same first three letters and their surname has only four letters and mind has five. I think many of them are asking themselves if it it is a misprint! I usually just smile and nod!
So theirs is ABC(X) and mine is ABC(YZ).

yes, didn't cross my mind not to really. The name is really easy to spell but I get 'looks' from people when I give them my full name because they tend to think I'm joking as my last name is also a well known location in America. if they seem uncertain about how to spell it I say "just like the place in America" and they know how to spell it.

I took my first husbands name then changed it back after 16 yrs and a divorce. Getting married next saturday will be changing it again. I like having same name as hubby and my step daughter is stocked as i'll have same name as her too.... Not sure what her mum thinks of that wink

Yep sure did. Didn't even give it a second thought.

And I have to say, in real life the only people I know of that didn't take their husband's name when they got married are all now divorced! Weird huh?!
Yep I did, I wanted to have the same surname as my kids so I wouldn't consider not taking his surname.

Forever, for always and no matter what

Yep changed to his name, wish I didn't. I did talk about keeping my name before we were married but dh was upset that I didn't want to change it. Hyphenating wasn't an option, it would've sounded silly. My reason for doing so was that I didnt want my kids to have a different last name to me and at the time I didn't know I could've just given them my name. Dh would've hated his kids not having his name either so would've been a fight that I just didn't want to have. Knowing what I know now I wish we'd started a new family with our own new name.
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