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Marriage Lock Rss

I am not yet married but when DP and i do get married, i will change mine, it never occurred to me to keep mine esp. because our kids have his last name so when we do get married we will share the same last name.. bit like, "this is my family" i feel very left out at the moment with not having the same surname but it will be a few years until we get married yet.. i was wanting to get married before our eldest started school so we could share the name but financially that was and still is not possible..

sorry for the long winded reply wink

Mum of 3 girls, 1 boy, 1 angel, 1 on the way!

I took my hubby's name. It's so much nicer than my maiden name, which is foreign and had awful connotations! Plus, as a teacher you are called by your last name, so I was constantly reminded of the crappiness of my surname that no one could properly pronounce :/
Love love LOVE my new surname!!

My partner and I are not married YET but we named DS with my stepfather and partners names hyphenated. When we do get married I will be taking my Stepfather and Partners names hyphenated just like DS.

Why? Because I don't have much to do with my biological father and his family and have been wanting to change my last name to my stepfathers for a while.

Must seem strange to some people that I'm taking my stepfathers last name when I get married LOL
Hi there, I took my husbands name as did our children.. people just assume you all have the same name, we got married when our kids were 4 & 3, so I was constantly correcting them and then feeling like I had to to justify why we had different surnames.
I didn't! I was born and bred in Italy though and is not common over there to change your surname altogether (I guess because it's a much longer and harder process over there than it is here and people could not be bothered maybe haha). So I have kept my Italian surname and hubby is completely supportive of that. He actually thinks it's nice for me to have kept 'something' that belongs to my Italian heritage. I am soon due with our second bub and I am thinking whether to adopt my hubby's surname or not though - I imagine the kids one day will question why we have different surnames, but this is not the main reason: I am just over people misspelling it or saying another word altogether!!! smile
I drug my feet on changing mine, because I have had my maiden name for my whole life and it's a part of my identity. But when I got pregnant, it suddenly became very important to me that my family all share the same surname. Hyphenating didn't appeal to me, so I came up with a solution that suited me just fine: I kept my maiden name as an additional middle name. Legally, my maiden name is still part of my name.
Yes I did take his. Our surnames were very similar so hyphenating is out of the question as it would sound ridiculous! I wanted our whole family to have the same name and I'm quite traditional too.

Yes I changed my name as our kids have his last name, so just makes it easier
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