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Nope, no way!

If I had got pregnant at 16, my parents would have probably been shocked and most likely angry at themselves, but they'd be supportive of any decision I were to make.

My sister was pregnant at 17, and my parents handled that extremely well.

Why do you ask?
Hmm it's another one those things that I would have before I'd had kids tongue it's so tough especially now with kids being sexually active younger and everything everywhere seems to be about sex appeal they think it's normal to have sex young etc and as a parent, I don't know what to do to make sure they wait as long as possible and be safe when the time comes!! Obviously I will educate them as best I can buy us parents can't be there all the time so I wouldn't want to blame the parents as these things can happen any time of day- parents could think they are at school when they're not iykwim?

I don't like to think what my parents would have done- man they were strict so it wouldn't have ended well for me!!

I agree with TP that it would be different case by case. For the most part I would say no, I don't think it would be the parents fault as at 16 kids are making a lot of their own decisions based on what they want/feel/need and parents can't be there at all times telling them what's right and what's not. Even the child whose parents have drilled safe sex into their child's heads could make a mistake. No contraceptive is 100% effective either. But some parents don't educate their kids at ALL about this stuff and I think it is a parent's responsibility to guide their kids on safe sex and contraception so if they don't and the kid ends up pregnant for not knowing better, well part of the blame sits with the parental unit IMO.

My parents would have been sad and a bit disappointed in me if it had happened to me by sheer stupidity ie- not using any protection. But had it been an honest mistake ie- condom breaking, they would have been sad but very understanding. Either scenario I know they would have supported me and whatever decision I made regarding the pregnancy though.
Nai&BE wrote:
I think it depends on the situation.. Generally no but they do say there is a pattern of babies born to teen mums becoming teen mums themselves so that's probably saying something.

My parents would have been sad but super supportive.

+1 to both of Nai's points smile

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010) some cases yes in some no. I think its up to the parents to educate their kids and give them a good set of values. My parents were quite strict but made sure we had plenty of fun family time to stop me hanging out with the friends they didn't like.
At the same time ny cousin was allowed to have her boyfriends sleep over and vice versa at 15! I don't agree with that at all. Needless to say she was having sex with them from that age. I wasn't sexually active. So I think parents choices play a part BUT all that said they can't control everything their kids do.

It not the parent fault, it's the teenager. The teenager has a brain & they should be able to make their own decisions.

My dad would of disowned me, it would of broken his heart. Lucky for him that never happened due to him saying wait to you get married. He was very old fashion. I was more scared of upsetting him than my mum.

My sister got pregnant at 16, I don't think she told our dad till she was an adult. I don't think she told him as well that our grandma (his mother) went with my sister to have an abortion. It wasn't my dad's fault she got pregnant, she used to sneak out all the time to meet her boyfriend. You can't always blame the parents, they can't be with their children 24/7 and know everything that they are doing. Kids have to take some responsibility as to their actions.
Not at 16 my dad was old fashion kept saying wait till you get married. Lucky he doesn't know that hubby & i were doing it before we got married.

I think in some situations where parents have been neglectful in educating their children about safe sex or who have modeled risky behavior then yes, the parents have some degree of "blame" however ultimately, teens will do what they want no matter what you do and so for the majority of teen parents I would not blame the parents.

I don't know how my mum would have reacted... I think obviously she would have been very disappointed and I think she would have strongly encouraged a termination. That said, I don't think she would kick me out or disown me and I think once the baby arrived she would try to be supportive. She always did say though if I had a baby it would be my responsibility and she would not be raising it.

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And no, was not having sex at 16. Hubby and I were in our first year out of school, so the year we turned 18

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The Walking T wrote:
No idea what my parents thought lol couldn't give a hoot either

So obviously if I had a baby at 16 I was having sex at 16 tongue

Really???? Haha!!!

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