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There is a good chance by mid year we will be a FIFO family. We have done FIFO pre kids and for short stints every now and again (longest time 2 months) over the past 5 years, but mostly DH has been at home.
We are now ready to move back to QLD to be near family and friends, which is going to mean DH doing FIFO 2/1 or 26/7 or something like that.

What I am worried about is pre kids when he did it, on his home time I felt kind of like he was not fitting back into the daily routine, likeI had gotten so used to doing things myself it was hard to add him back in for the time he was home. I dont want that happening this time, and we are discussing strategies to stop this. \Does anyone have any tips on how to go from basically single parenting to dual parenting every few weeks?

Aka G&L smile

My DH has been home for 3 years but due to the yard in our home town closing down he has gone back to FIFO (28/7 rotation). It's been a steep adjustment for me as I got really used to him being home. It's only been since October so I'm still finding my feet. For me at the moment him being home feels like a 'holiday' which is weird to think my DH being home is different to how it should be (sorry I think I worded that really crappy). He was home for 3 weeks over Christmas and went back last Monday. I'm finding the routine with the kids easy enough but know when he's home it'll slide for the week and then I'll find my feet and it'll slide again and so on. I think of it was a shorter rotation I would need to try to adapt to having back more but with the way it stands at the moment it's just a welcome reprieve. Talk to me in six months and I'm sure I'll feel completely different smile
The fact that you're aware of the tendency for that to happen is a plus. I've just found for us that communication is key. He sometimes comes home and behaves like he's on holidays and I have to speak up and remind him that life goes on at home and he's expected to help with household and kid stuff while he's home. He comes home after a week of night shifts so I also need to give him some recovery time to get back on track too. It's all negotiation and we work it out and make changes to what works for us all the time. I agree it's sometimes easier to just do it yourself and you get used to being a single parent, but you both need to agree to a plan to keep him involved in family life. I like it when dh does the morning school run with us. The kids love him coming to school with them and seeing what they've been doing at school. Afterwards we usually go out for breakfast together and it's just a nice way to catch up and spend some time together while the kids are at school. Just don't stop talking smile
Maybe talk about your expectations of what you want him to be doing, too. My DH works 30/26 so a lot more manageable for his use of time, we don't have kids yet but we will talk about our expectations when the time comes.

your DH will need a break so he doesn't burn out, 7 days home isn't long. But maybe if you just discuss together what you'd like to happen and work towards that.

even for us now it took time to adjust to his rotation but we're coming up three years on it now. I mostly expect him to fit into my life instead of change what I do, and he picks up chores and does house things. He always has time to do things like hunt etc, but i ask that he does those just him things while I'm working.

i hope you find a happy medium smile

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