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So I got the Mirena IUD on the 11th Nov '13.
I have been having bleeding on and off since. I do know this is normal for a few months preceding. However my bleeding starts up usually within a few hrs of having sex. I get cramps then bleeding which lasts 2-3 days then stops until we brave sex again and it starts again. Anyone else had this happen?
I should mention I have a retroverted/tilted uterus which falls back and folds over. Thought this would affect insertion but apparently not

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I would get this checked out. I have had 2 mirena iuds in the past. I had terrible cramping first it was after sex I went to the doctors and it turned out the mirena was falling out or down so i had to have it replaced , i was nervous and didn't really want another one but doctors assured me it would be fine and only like 1-3 % of women have them fall out and it usually due to insertion blah blah blah it wont happen again. So reluctantly i got another and was fine for about a month and then pain started again only it was pretty much all the time and if i went in the car every single bump was torture. I was assured it wouldn't be mirena and it would have to be a different problem. So i put ip with it for a bit longer until i just couldn't take it any,ore we t back to doctors and made them take it out. This time the iud was trying to escape out of the top of my uterus, it had embedded itself into the top of my fundus (sorry don't know to spell it basically the top of my uterus) and i had to have surgery to have it removed. Then can you believe they tried to talk me into getting a new one literally minutes before my surgery. So basically my body just rejected, which was such a shame because the idea is so great and because i have migraines i cant go on the combined pill. The doctors still say nothing went wrong and the pain was not due to mirena and blah blah blah. I was so incredibly angry.
So i will never ever let a doctor talk me into it again. And i try to warn people that things can happen not always but be prepared and research thoroughly and make the decision your self don't let anybody talk you into it .
Having said that my sister had one for endo as well and she has had for many years now and never had a problem. And i know other people who haven't had any problems so could just be me, but i say if you ate having pain get it checked out.

GL, and I didn't say this to be negative or to scare you, just wanted to share my story.
If you haven't had it in for long it might just be an adjustment period. smile

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