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Salami Lock Rss

Just going off the other thread, when you you give your child salami?

DH gave DS a packet salami from the servo today and I flipped and said you should know better. Luckily DS only had a bite and spat the rest out.

My cousin got violently ill once from a packet one so now I'm paranoid.
I have no idea when my kids first ate salami but it's definitely something they both love now . Maybe they started around 18months but I don't know

Forever, for always and no matter what

We only ever buy it fresh from our local deli, never the packet ones or supermarket. I'm a bit funny about it maybe. I would probably be ok with it from about 18 months as long as you know its fresh.

I didn't know kids shouldn't have salami I must confess smile My kids love the mild Hungarian salami from the deli and have all been eating it from around 12-18 months I'd say?!?! I never buy packet salami so I wonder if that makes a difference. My DD (6) takes a salami sandwich to school for lunch most days.
Nai&BE wrote:
We don't eat it but I wouldn't be angry if dp gave it as a one off..

I don't mind the salami from the deli but a packet salami from the local servo

Who knows how long its been sitting there.
I wouldn't normally eat it so I would avoid giving it to my DD as long as possible.
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