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National review in to Pregnancy and Return to work Lock Rss

Thanks Coastie, I resigned from my last job as I was over the lack of support for coming back from maternity leave so will think of putting something in.
Good topic! I'm currently working 3 days a week and want to cut down to 5 days/fortnight, or even 2 days a week, so I can spend more time with miss 3. Also TTC #2. I feel my employers are not flexible or supportive at all of this. I would love there to be policies in place for more flexible working hours if you are a parent or pregnant.
Thanks coastie girl I will check that out and I have a friend who would possibly be interested in putting in a submission also. I'm fortunate my work is fairly flexible, even if individual attitudes to part time work vary, the workplace itself has policies in place to protect the worker (just gotta be strong against the haters!) my boss is a bit "no one let me work part time when my kids were young so don't see why anyone else should" type attitude but I have to remember that whatever I do is about me, not her. Anyway I digress, thanks for the link.
I had to quit my previous job in the CBD due to them not being flexible about me coming back to work.
however, i ended up finding a job in my home town when my kid was 8 months old that let me ease back into work, from working 2 days a week, then 3 days a week 2 month later than when my kid was 1 year old i started working full time again.
works need to have more leave for parents when their kid is sick as my kid took up all my sick leave from cathing colds at kinder. so when i was terrible sick, i stillhad to work cos i was out of sick leave.
work knew i should of been home but i was out of sick leave sad
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