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Hey guys i need your help because i am not sure which course I should study, I can't decide between becoming a teacher or a nurse, what do people think about both of these professions and which one should i choose?
Did you read through all the comments on the thread? Lots of pros and cons were listed by both us nurses and teachers... my advice would be to consider what it is that you like about both professions and also consider what kind of lifestyle you want... as in, teachers work Mon - Fri with normal daytime hours, but they take a lot of work home like lesson plans and home work etc. Nurses work hours all over the place (although some jobs are Mon - Fri) and obviously you have to do your share of night shift, public holidays and weekends, but you don't usually have to take home much work. The shift work is very good for some people and can work around family, but it can also be very exhausting and the inconsistency is a challenge for some families. It is hard to sum up in a few short words what working as a nurse is like, but I am happy to answer specific questions for you if that would help.

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I also was a bit demotivated when studying my bachelor's. There are other options though if you don't want to be in the books for four years. You could also try a diploma of nursing. Have a look at some of the other options here -
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