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Mould removal Lock Rss

Im not sure if it will work on plaster board but i know for fabrics you spray malt vinegar and let it dry and normally put in sun gets rid of it and stops it coming back. Could try vinegar obviously you cant put in sun but might be worth a try smile good luck

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My2QTpies wrote:
I did think of exit mould but I had read that it doesn't get rid of the mould just bleaches it so it can be seen (if that makes sense)

I'm pretty sure that is not true. I would use Exit Mould or similar product designed to kill mould.

There is a mould killing paint that you can buy to use in bathrooms etc, I think you get it from Mitre10, I would look into that to put on after you've treated with a mould killer.

Choice have just tried and tested all mould removers and have proved that a solution of vinegar to water 80:20 ratio to be the most effective in killing mould.
Good luck

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Vinegar & water with a couple of drops of clove oil.

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