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I think people's responses to that would take on a different tone if something bad had happened to them but that excuse he gave the cops is pure, pure genius!
It is kind of funny, until you hear of a local 15yo girl joy riding in her parents car, crashing the car and killing herself while injuring her friend smile

Oh my goodness, I can laugh because its was not my child/ren. i have no idea what I would do. What a smart child to come up with that so quick, however as well as smart thats also scary. i probably wouldn't be able to sleep again wondering what else they could do.

We are told to forgive and forget, but if we forget what we forgave then isn't forgiveness pointless?

I have a great sense of humour but I don't find this is funny at all
I don't find this funny either. I think more so because he took his 18 month old sister with him.
not funny at all.

Aclever comeback doesnt make up for the danger he put himself, his baby sister and any random stranger passing by in.
Absolutely no idea what I would do, lets hope I never have to find out

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His response was funny, but if that was my kid i would be sooooo angry!

Not funny at all.

A few years ago we went to a wedding and in between the wedding and reception we went to a friends place. While we were there kids down the road who were 14 decided to take the parents 4wd for a joy ride and reverse it into our car. Massive damage and they took off. They were so silly they came back and a neighbour caught them. The police were call and the boy driving not even his parent car was his freinds parents car was charged and finger pringer printed on the spot and given a court date. The parents said that they had done it before and they keys were in the bedroom and the bedroom door was locked to keep the keys away from them. Didn't work.

Not a laughing matter at all they could have killed someone. Mind you I don't think the kids realised how much trouble they really were in.

benjamins_mummy wrote:
His response was funny, but if that was my kid i would be sooooo angry!

Off topic...but I hope you get to meet your little girl soon xx
^Mumto2Ts^ wrote:
I don't find this funny either. I think more so because he took his 18 month old sister with him.

me either , he sounds like a spoilt smart arse to me

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no not funny at all!

i think the child is manipulative. he plan it. he got up early got his sister had a lie rready. i'd be furious. he also lied to a police officer which show he had no remose but a smart arse comment/lie.

what i find more appauling is the way the article was written in praise of this child, i hope one of his parents didn't write it, althought it would explain why he did what he did.

this quote actually angered me "Now you see why I cannot be mad at this kid? He's a spitfire! He has spunk! He has ingenuity! He has all the things we want our kids to possess! Skills they need when they are adults." is this person for real??? what is the world comming to!

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No don't find it funny at all. So many types of wrong here it's ridiculous. And I don't find his response to a police officer funny In the slightest. He sounds like a conniving little smart ar$e.

Like someone else said- how funny would this be had he killed his sister or another driver or a child crossing the road? He got lucky this time. I hope measures are being taken to ensure there's not a next time.

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