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The One and Only T wrote:
Yeah I think it's strange too lol

I'm glad I'm not alone. smile

The One and Only T wrote
All our money goes in a shared account and then I pay bills get groceries then were broke so if either of want some thing I try fit it in
Neither of us have spending money cause we don't have enough lol and when we do have enough I won't do allowances I'll budget things in then get them or save or whatever

*Mimsy wrote:
DP does 'give' me money. But he also gives himself the same amount of money. I'm not earning and we both feel we have the right to have our 'own' money to buy what we wish without accounting to each other. All his pay is otherwise divvied up between our different accounts, earmarked for different purposes.
When i start earning again I'll just top up all the different accounts.
Prior to baby, we had fairly separate finances other than bills, rent etc and a savings account.

we do this too since seeing a financial planner and its significantly reduced our spending. All income goes into one acct, a portion to each of our personal accounts (equal amount each for "personal" spending) then the rest moved to the appropriate accounts.

I see this as am effective, fair and equal way of utlising the money. Its this way too if I don't work.

To add. The allowance for personal spending is so we're accountable for what we buy for ourselves. I am a big spender so its easy for me to get carried away. Dh doesn't spend often. But when he does its huge (like motorbikes etc) so if we want something big, we save. Sometimes we'll "loan" money to the other person but its paid back off the allowance. We have a lot of other things we save for so this way just works for us especially since i spend money like water. Before our current method we would spend an entire paycheck in a month on just rubbish. Now we save 1/5-1/4 sometimes more per month. And we don't want for anything.

it's really each to their own I think, but i think my money your money splitting stuff is strange. How people choose to manage joint money comes down to personality and spending styles i think.

3littlemen wrote:
we have been married for 10y and still have separate accounts,
dh pays most of the bills from his account and I pay for groceries, school fees and swimming fees with mine but if either of us needs any extra its no big deal smile

Were the exact same smile works for us

We have a joint account. I normally have more of an idea of what's in it etc so DH will ask if he plans on making a big purchase. Otherwise, after all the bills are paid etc, it's okay for him to buy what he likes and vice versa.

I have seen it a fair bit on huggies where people refer to my money and his money etc or that they were given an allowance or whatever. I personally think its strange. My view is if youre in a partnership, even if you contribute different things to that partnership (eg working, SAHM etc) doesnt make you any more/less entitled to the reward. Just like for eg a sports team (lets say netball), just because one person plays defense and the other persons the shooter doesnt mean that when they win it was the shooters "win" because it was her that scored the points, it was a joint effort and they ALL get to share in the reward. A relationship is the same concept as far as I'm concerned, particularly when youre living together and have children etc.

DH and I both have access to each others accounts. We have our own accounts that our pay goes into, and then a joint account, and a joint credit card. The only reason we have seperate accounts is because a) it worked out cheaper and b ) it has saved up having to change the account details with our work, change eftpos cards etc etc. Lol. When DH pay goes in to his account, he pays all the bills and puts our set amount on the mortgage. Any leftover he leaves a bit in his account for places that dont take credit cards etc and puts the rest in the credit card. When I get paid unless there is something we need it for I either put it all on the credit card or sometimes some in the joint account to move later as it seems to disappear faster when its on the credit card. Lol.

We both spend what we want when we want and are just sensible about it. He is a bit more of a spender than I am but we're both pretty good. If we have big purchases we want to make we will generally mention it to the other but thats about it. And we both have access to each others so its not always me that moves my pay to different accounts etc, sometimes DH does it or whatever. smile
We've had a joint account since we purchased our first home. I was still working then so we still had our own accounts that our pays went into - mostly because it was just too much faffing around to change bank deets with the pay department at work. Once I stopped working it was silly to keep an account that had $0 balance so I closed it and around the same time we refinanced our home loan with another bank so dh moved his $$ into our joint account. Now what dh earns is our money and I just get what we need and want and pay bills and whatever else from it.
We have one joint bank account, one joint savings account and one joint credit card. So even though he is the only one earning its all OUR money.
HappyHead wrote:
DH earns it, I spend it smile

Seriously though everything is ours, there is no his or mine or allowances.

I say that all the time too!

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

We have everything joint. Have had sinc before we got married as we were saving to buy a house
Initially we had seperate day to day eftpos accounts and contributed evenly to our savings. That was so that the house was 50/50 before kids. But now we just have the 2 accounts and a mortgage together..what's mine is his and what's his is mine. I do all the banking as I'm just more organized but he has access as well.

We don't have a joint account & it doesn't bother me at all. If I need money DH either gets it out, gives me his card or I transfer it to my account. The family payments we get go into my account & that is usually put towards groceries or bills or if the kids need anything. The mortgage payments come out of DH's account because I am not working. He doesn't give me a weekly allowance or withhold money from me, when I need it he gives it to me & checks everyday that I have money on me. It works for us & I don't find it strange smile
We say "his money" and "my money" but just so we know which pay week it is! It all goes to the same account and isn't separated for his or my use we just call it that for reference!
I do control where the money goes from there though! Hubby prefers it that way cause he isn' so good at making the money last! LOL so he always asks me to sort it out and if he needs stuff when we do the budget together we just throw in what we need and then i work out when we can afford it all pretty much!

But even when i was working full time and he was studying i still payed for everything for us both, just find it easier that way!

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