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We have our joint account for basically all our expenses, and then our own separate accounts. Our salaries get paid into our individual accounts. Then we put a set amount into our joint account to cover mortgage, rates, insurance, car rego, petrol, that sort of thing. When we go on date night it is paid through our joint account, or when we are buying presents for family or going on holiday. I pay the groceries and childcare and then anything else left over from my salary that week I can spend guilt free - it's kind of like my play money I guess.

It works well for us. I can buy makeup or whatever without feeling bad, he can buy lunch every day without guilt

I was off work for 6 months with my first and I really struggled with the idea of not having my own play money though.
DP pays me into my separate account. The amount was discussed and agreed. It is our budget for groceries and gas for my car and a little bit of 'me' money, the other bills he pays from his account. He is very good with money and had been saving for many years before we got together so I prefer it this way. I am working part time and get to keep the money I make as my own spending money as I'm not making much.
We got joint accounts about 6 months after being together. It made it easier so I didn't feel bad he was always paying for everything. Everything is our money. House mortgage account, savings, everyday accounts all joined. The credit card is in his name as he had before and linked to his frequent flyers etc. but I have a secondary card for it in my name. Hubby does all the bill paying, transferring to savings paying credit card etc. and always gets out the cash and gives me half. He is good with money if it were in my control we would be broke ha ha. We can both log on and check all accounts though I just don't worry doing it. He is the bread winner now as I am off waiting for our bub to arrive but all our money is our money.
We have our own separate accounts but we're a team - it's all OUR money. We thought about having a joint account but it's actually easier with two. We use DF's account for the 'boring stuff' - mortgage, bills etc. and mine is basically savings for us to buy whatever. By keeping them separate it's easier to keep track of what we can and can't spend.

HappyHead wrote:
DH earns it, I spend it smile

Seriously though everything is ours, there is no his or mine or allowances.

I agree here. It's nice when you don't argue about money. I think the person not working probably does spend most of the money because they're out buying the every day items. My husband would hate to have to do the kids clothes shopping and Christmas shopping etc.
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