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I barely have B's, and tbh, I love boobs. And I don't love mine. There are often times don't fit a dress in the waist or something, but can't go up because it will be too big in the chest, or it fits but my boobs don't. I constantly wear padded bras. There are days where I bloat and my tummy stick outs more than my boobs. I understand some people don't mind, but I would love to be just a nice decent C cup. I would probably have them under the muscle, and as natural as possible.

I get annoyed when ladies tell me it's not worth the hassle blah blah and they don't have either implants or small boobs. Some people don't like their nose, their legs, their arms, whatever. I don't like my boobs, and if I'm inclined to change them and am happy to pay for it, I'm not sure why anyone thinks they should tell me not to.

Once I've had kids, I will definitely be looking into having it done.

I guess it comes down to how it makes you feel.
if they get u down, and it would make you much happier then I think it would be money well spent.
my sil had a gastric bypass, they re mortgaged their home to do it, but she is like a different person, so so so much happier and confident, it really has changed her life smile

I'm planning to head overseas at the end of the year to get mine done grin If you've got the money then why not?! I don't think it's selfish at all to want to do something for yourself smile

Before kids I would have said no way. But I hate my boobs now. If I had the spare cash I would after I'm done having kids.I doubt I'll ever end ip getting them because I'll always thinnk of more responsible ways to spend my money.

not selfish at all. why shouldn't you do something for yourself if it is going to help your overall wellbeing (self esteem, confidence, etc). if you have the money, go for it.
It is something I have thought about, but I also think about the upkeep. Like, do you need to change them every so many years or they need regular checks done? What if long term your circumstances change and you cant afford the appointments ect? lol this is where my mind wonders when thinking about this stuff.
If I was to get any surgery though, id be inclined to go for lipo on my hips and thighs. And my flabby 'tuck shop' arms. My hate areas tongue

If I had the money I'd love to get one - just to get my boobs back to what they were before kids.
A nice perky B or C cup, not just so it makes me feel better about myself, but because it might then be easier for me to find a bra that fits well - each of my boobs now are so different in size and I'm a size that's hard to find, that I'd love to buy nice bras, not just whatever I can find in my size!
I would love to get my pre-kids boobs back, I miss the perkiness.
I am still a C-cup but its now a very saggy c-cup.

I honestly havent considered a boob job though, I guess because there are other things I would rather spend the money on. Things like holidays etc.

If I was going to spend it on me, I get my teeth prefessionally whitened smile

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I have a friend who got hers done. They looked amazing and really real (not like some others Ive seen that were obviously fake). She got them under the muscle which helps and she said they felt real too. It did wonders for her self esteem etc and she has had no regrets whatsoever.

I have debated doing it and discussed with DH too. I hate my boobs at the moment, like skubs they are tiny and I actually dont need to wear a bra at all because even when I do I dont fill them. I pretty much have to shop in the tween section to find bras that fit. And my tummy definately sticks out beyond my breast pretty much permanently. I hate hate hate it. I would LOVE to have boobs that were a very full C cup. And I have debated having the surgery to achieve that.

That said, Im not sure I could go through with it because
A ) Its a lot of money to spend on myself
B ) Its surgery and there is recovery time etc
C ) What if it leaves horrible scars
D ) What if it all goes horribly wrong in some way
E ) Im sure I would get MAJOR negative reactions from my family if I did it
and probably the most major is
F ) I have a 9 year old DD and I worry what sort of message that is sending her that we cant be happy with our own body and we have to have surgery to fix it etc etc. I would hate her to feel like that and to be so unhappy with her body that she felt she needed surgery to "fix" it so I dont think thats an example I should be setting. sad
I have pretty small boobs too and have always wished they were bigger. I've thought about it but could never really go through with it because the surgery scares me too much. I don't have and won't have enough money for it anyway so it's not really a realistic option anyway so that pretty much makes my mind up for me.

My bestie had hers done after having drastic weight loss and being left with very saggy skin. Hers look great and she was always a big breasted girl so it doesn't look weird to me. The skin has still lost elasticity so it hasn't stopped them sagging though even though it was 'corrected' through the surgery.

I guess for me I've just got to a point where it's really important to be happy with myself however I am. As someone else said, I'd worry that even after I wouldnt feel that happy feeling that I thought would come from doing it. But that's just me, I'm not big on the plastic booby look so I would always see that but others love that look so it wouldn't bother them.

Some chicks really rock small boobs! I think it's in their confidence, not exactly whether their body is exactly right.

If it's something you really want to do then I think it's fine, as long as you or your fam won't have to go without other things in order to do it
I have them, I had a completely flat chest and never liked wearing bathers or wearing dresses as i had nothing to fill them, also got teased at school. I got mine done when I was 22 and im 32 now and they are still only small but at least I can feel more like a woman and wear bathers etc without feeling like a boy. I don't think it is selfish if u put the money aside and it will make you feel more confident and give you good self esteem. No big deal really, just make sure you get some to suit your body, I got teardrop to look natural and also under my muscle. I got mine done in Australia too, Im not keen on girls going overseas as the aftercare isnt there.

I have the tiniest scars, cant even see them, I didnt get any negative reactions, its totally a personal thing, Ive had scans done and having implants doesn't effect you seeing lumps.

I dont think girls with natural boobs understand what its all about, I really wanted to feel more like a woman than a boy.... its totally personal and no1 should have a bad opinion towards you afterwards as really its none of their business.

I say go for it if youve had a good think about it and you would like to, obviously the $$$ pay a big part but I just saved for mine and at the end of the day just do what you want to do.

MegzieB, does having them done under the muscle give them a more natural feel?
And this may be a weird question, but can you sleep on your belly?
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