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Athaye wrote:
MegzieB, does having them done under the muscle give them a more natural feel?
And this may be a weird question, but can you sleep on your belly?

yes defiantly more real to touch and yes I love to sleep on my tummy smile Im going to struggle when I have a baby bump!

Also you can still breastfeed if under the muscle but not too sure about it if you get them on top of the muscle. I have a friend with them on top and personally don't like them, they just don't look as good as they could be under.

Athaye under the muscle has a slightly longer recovery time I think but looks way more natural! Thats what my friend did. Also couldnt really see her scaring so looked good.

Oh and As nice as the idea of surgery and a holiday overseas sounds I think I would rather pay more for it here than overseas because its far more likely to be more sanitary etc and better aftercare
For me personally boobs mean nothing. The only time I have anything is when I first start feeding & my milk comes in then after a few months they settle back down again. I think the only time I would consider it is if I had mastectomy.

I think its a good idea to do your research & not rush into it but in the end if it is something that will make you happy & your hubby supports it then go for it smile
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