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Evening everyone.
Was wondering if anyone could offer any help/thoughts.
DD (4 years old) was running this afternoon and fell very hard hitting her head on concrete. She cried and screamed for about 5 or so minutes but was then rather quiet for a couple of hours, which is very unlike her. We watched her very carefully and she seemed to pick up in herself (back to almost normal loud self) about an hour before bed. She has been asleep for a couple of hours now (normal bed time).
That's the background, my question is should I be concerned that the bump seems very soft and spongy to the touch? it is a huge bump and bruise but she was not complaining about it at all (said it was a little sore when I touched it). Is that normal do you think or should I be more concerned?
Thanks in advance!
Whereabouts on her head did she hit? And is there a lump there (like a big egg), is that what youre saying is soft and spongy?! How long before bead did she do it? And is she rousable now?!
Sorry, I didn't explain very well. She has a large purple egg on her forehead and that's what's soft and spongy. It happened about 3 hours before bed. I checked on her again just then and she was rousing as I pulled up her blanket.
And the area around the egg feels normal?

Im a little torn coz as a nurse I have seen head injuries which have been worse because the parent didnt bring them in straight away. and if your concerned it might be an idea to get her checked out. HOWEVER personally I wouldnt want to wake my child to go to the Drs If she was seeming normal and didnt have an altered GCS before she went to bed I would probably just keep an eye on her.

Disclaimer - thats what my personal approach would be but if youre concerned at all, she is unrousable, has an altered GCS or in any way doesnt seem to be acting 100% normal for her then I would get her checked out...
Thanks so much for your replies. The area immediately around the bump seems fine and she seemed pretty normal before bed. I think I will let her sleep and watch her overnight. So hard to know the right thing to do and i do tend to be very cautious. I really appreciate your opinion smile
All good. Youre lucky Im on night shift at the moment, not many people round this time of the night/morning. smile

Hope all is good and she wakes up right as rain (other than the lump of course which will probably take a little while to go down!)
My eldest ran and trip and got a big sore on his forehead. I rush him off to the doctor & the doctor told me he would be fine to keep and eye on him. He said if he had fallen from a table it would be more of a worry but since he trip and hit the cement he would be fine.

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